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Hello community…
First up, a big shout out to the developers for this game. Secondly, well deserved appreciation to the fellows of the community. You are a bunch of such nice people.

A feature request is what I am here for. This is probably in everyone’s mind already. In the Soulforge, there’s a way to craft Minor traitstones from the Major traitstones (1 per 2) and vice versa (1 per 3).

Similarly, we are currently able to craft souls from diamonds (100 per 10). At some point in the game (usually for endgamers), the abundance of souls in the inventory becomes just too much to have. If there is a way to craft diamonds from souls, if not at the rate above, at a rate 10 per 1000, then it serves as a good sink for the surplus souls. These rates aren’t the discussion here. The devs can run a poll or sit with their policy makers and come up with some numbers, but it is my kind request to consider this.

I am tagging some devs here, for some attention. @Cyrup @Saltypatra @Kafka @Sirrian


Unless you’re okay with the conversation rate being something like 1,000,000 souls per 10 diamonds, I doubt this would ever happen. If they made this change, every endgamer would instantly have thousands of diamonds.

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True…And let them buy some deeds with diamonds. Again, just a suggestion. 1M souls for 10 diamonds is a ridiculous rate though :stuck_out_tongue:… We buy 20 diamonds everyday with 50 gems. The devs could do a sample research from tributes. How many souls does one receive per 50 gems received, from tributes? At least, endgamers will probably check in to the game frequently in a day.

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Gems can’t be farmed, souls can. The question you should rather be asking is “How many souls can be farmed within a week?”, and the answer is “A million, with some effort involved”. Meaning that conversion rate suggested by @Bossfrogs might be somewhat on the low side, but not much. I don’t see any chance at all for the idea to get implemented, the devs have been very clear that diamonds are supposed to be very scarce.


Understood that diamonds are supposed to be very scarce, but why is there a dismond -> soul conversion possibility in the soulforge? Wouldn’t that mislead a young (not in age) player?

I like your idea about the souls farmed per week thing. I think we do make about 650-700 diamonds a week (including most sources).

It’s an advanced tutorial, it teaches you that you shouldn’t click on every button just because it’s available. It’s for those players that didn’t understand the basic tutorial, not buying souls in the cash shop.


If you need intention you might have to change the title to something negative or an insult about the Devs :wink:
The Devs seems to jump really quick on these subjects lol just check the thread with : this game is terrible or the thread of the Devs are lazy and you’ll see how many and how prompt the Devs were at replying :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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How about:

“Skyrim let’s you put souls into gems, why not be cool like Skye in and convert souls to diamonds?”

I’ve had friends who actually converted over 3000 diamonds for souls when he had only 2 mythics. I think I died a little when I heard that.

In all seriousness, souls should have a conversion to glory or something.

As true as that is :laughing: , I still wouldn’t stoop down to that. The devs are just as cool as they are. I am sure they’ll look at this thread when more players/people react to this.

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Wow…what game have you been playing, buddy?

we already do have 1000’s of diamonds.

I would rather to have more colourful Jewels, Diamonds are useless once you have all troops.