I have New Soulforge ideas

How about if Orb of Chaos, Orb of Diamonds worth 500 diamonds and Major Orb of Diamonds worth 1,500 diamonds was crafted in the Soulforge? I would love that!

We already can craft Orb of Chaos and Major Orb of Chaos…

What is Orb of Diamonds and Major Orb of Diamonds? Can you explain what it is?

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I think it would help a lot of players if we could “upgrade” our Treasure Troops the same way we can now “upgrade” our badges. Even at a ratio of 5:1 or so, meaning we’d lose a healthy amount of Hoard XP in the process, plus the other requisite costs? (Souls and Treasure Maps in quantity would make sense.)

I’d bet a lot of players would rather have the higher-rarity troops so that we could amp our hoards more efficiently than pouring a gazillion and six of the lesser stuff into it.


The devs need to create a Orb that gives us diamonds when we use them so we can craft troops in the soul forge it takes forever to get a troop we want so i thought having Diamond Orbs or Orbs of Diamonds could help with that. I like the Diamond Orbs better for the name but i just wish we can craft diamonds or that there be a easy way to get a ton of diamonds.

@ThaSneakyNinja you are delusional. Just take a look at the dungeon offer for real money, much less diamonds for real money. Crafting an orb which would give you 1500 diamonds, not gonna happen, or it would take a ridiculous amount of resources.

I posted an idea abouu a recipe to allow us to craft souls into jewel shards, have not been imlemented yet.

Soulforge needs a serious rethink since its “upgrade”. Recipes are all well and good if the the required ingredients are attainable. Currently these ingredients, particularly cursed runes and writs are very thin on the ground and it is doubtful that players will forge using writs ever. The medal upgrades are ludicrous, the guy who thought that up must have been very drunk, and a guildmate gift costs twice (plus other stuff) the gems that the gift is worth. Another good idea (forge upgrade) appallingly implemented.

So they ignored your ideas to? That’s a shocker! Seriously though the devs are blocking everything i tried to reach out to them sending a personal message and they blocking everyone.

To bad they will never listen you know why? They blocking everyone right now i tried sending personal messages to them and they blocking everyone.

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You mean in higher quantities, of course? Because we already can craft Diamonds (Lv.9 Soulforge upgrade, 100 Souls + 1,000 Shards = +10 Diamonds), and the only real bottleneck is acquiring the Jewel Shards…