Forge gold in Soul Forge

Hello everyone we all have to many souls left over after we get troops maxed pet food and all the rest we can do get orbs and well you know. Anywaywhy not use souls we have in to GOLD in The SoulForge we pay souls for gold and get a gold orb of gold that gives us gold when we use it OR we can just pay 100 to whatever amount and get the gold like pay 1 soul get one gold pay 4 million souls get 4 million gold it would help i think we all ready pay shards & souls to get diamonds! Why not pay souls to get gold. :slight_smile:

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that a significant percentage of the players does not have millions of extra souls and that a significant percentage of the players would prefer other resources over gold.

I can see that endgame players find this useful for example to level up their delves since that is an insane gold-gobbling pit with no bottom…

Because of things like this:


While it’s very kind of you to offer me 46 million gold, I don’t think the devs would be too thrilled with the idea. :smile:


Yea, it would be nice, but I doubt they would be happy. Pharos ra would be an awesome gold farming troop.

As for that soul hoard…


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