Upgrade Gold Keys in Soul Forge

When players get to the later stages of the game, Gold Keys are, frankly, a complete waste of space. You amass thousands of them, but they don’t get you anything you don’t already have a boat-load of anyway. Similarly, once you have Dawnbringer, you end up with more Souls than you can do anything useful with.

So how about at least allowing players to craft them into something more useful such as Gem Keys or Vault Keys?

The exchange rate could be pretty high, but at least it would mean there would be a way of clearing them out of your inventory.


Just use them you’ll get gold, glory and gems out of them.


I think the better idea is to make some ridiculous amount of gold keys be worth one minor orb of chaos.

The thing is, gem keys get bad at some point too, because they’re likely to drop nothing but a duplicate Mythic. They get momentarily useful in Mythic week, so having slightly more would be nice, but the devs like Soulforge to ask us for 1,000 pennies to make a dollar so I think in the end a gold key -> gem key conversion would be so expensive as to not be worth it.

Orbs, though, maintain their worth well into endgame if you’re chasing Zuul’goth.

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Well, they’re not completely useless. I have been using them to warm up the RNG. =P

But TC did say later stages…

eh I get troops to disenchant, gems, gold, glory … they’re fine

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I got 99 problems but gold keys aren’t one.

But yeah I was just thinking today that I wish they had resources like gold keys, glory, and souls be more useful for end gamers.


The “problem” with Gold Keys for end gamers is 100% a result of stopping all new Kingdom development. Before I would try and have a ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 20-30 thousand Gold Keys in inventory to use for the new troops when a new kingdom released.

Now It a old resource that may or may not be useful again. Yes its all a matter of perspective like Traitstones, or anything else the specific player has too many of.

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Unless you’re trying to get Zuul’Goth for completeness (because he’s a waste of space otherwise) spending a “ridiculous amount” to get a minor Orb of Growth would be, shall we say, somewhat annoying…

well,gold keys also give you common troops to help you ascend them?

All these requests… I have too many x give me y. Be thankful the Devs don’t add Gold Keys to the Forge as a joke.

10 Gold Keys plus 100 Souls gets you 1 Treasure Map.

Common troops that end gamers get from the glory shop when they are released.

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The same situation also occurs in other resources, such as treasure maps and souls.

There should be a “scrap heap” that ANY resources not wanted could be melted down for a guild currency that could be used for…something…anything.

  • New guild shield options
  • customized guild decor & trappings that we can deck out our guildhalls with
  • a special guild-wide several hour pet event
  • small 5 gem prizes to give away for internal competitions

Or a “bazaar” that works similar to daily tasks that allows a random daily offer to trade some amount of a resource for a tiny amount of another (1 use per day).

Or even a “guild hoard” that works like a leaderboard to show how opulent a guild is by earning points for every resource scrapped based on what kind of resource it was.

Who knows. There has to be something with innocuous enough benefit to do with excess stuff and still be able to make some use of it or at least find a way for us to publicly brag that my worthless booty is worth more than everyone else’s worthless booty.


GoW has this problem with a few resources in the game. When you’re at end game, you don’t have anything to spend stuff on.

I personally would like to see something done with the lower treasures in Delves. Coin Purses, Gold Rings and (at a certain point) Chalices are quite useless but we have the most of them… Shouldn’t there be some mechanism to upgrade them to a higher tier?