Souls vs. Magic Keys

After acquiring Celestial Armor and not having much need for more gold, what’s best to spend gems on in order to eventually level kingdoms? I’m not short on patience, but I’m wondering what’s best since it’ll take a lot of keys to fill in my missing troops and a lot of souls to level them.

I do have a steady supply of both gold and iron keys, but I don’t spend particularly much time earning souls and glory other than tributes and my PvP rank. This is why I’m mostly debating between Souls and Magic Keys to spend gems on.


Well, keys give you new troops, and disenchanting the extra ones give you souls on top, so I’d say to go for the keys.

This is true, but per gems spent buying Souls directly gives more Souls than buying Iron Keys (through gold), which in turn gives more Souls than buying Magic Keys. So it’s a trade between kingdom levels now (most of my troops are still level 1) and chances of having the troops to level later.

I simply played Arena a lot.

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Agreed, you can consistently get 8 wins in arena; its 400 souls per 8 games. Plus armour. I don’t think there’s a faster way.

Specifically to how to spend gems, probably the best way to spend gems is to join a good guild and spend your gems on gold to apply to guild tasks. Overall you’ll level your troops faster that way I believe.

This is also worth looking at: