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Jewels, Gems, and Diamonds

So I had some people in my guild say I should post this over into the forums and I guess I will. It wasn’t really intended for public viewing but I’m too lazy to edit it the semi-stream of consciousness nature. I will say it’s already a problem Ozball has had to deal with.

Oh, and can I just say the fact Gems and Jewels are different unrelated things is a monumental UX fail, and making the diamond icon so close to the gem one is even worse? Call them orbs, just reuse your existing asset of the shit we match all the time on the board.

Hell, call them elemental marshmallows. Lollypops. Gnomes, random friggin root vegetables

Carrots for light, radish for red, beet for purple, yams for brown…

Also diamonds are basiclly the hardest resource to collect of craft, but a new player can accedentlly craft them into TEN SOULS.

You can’t even make diamonds until soulforge level 9, but you can unmake them into the second worst currency in the game as soon as you finish Darkstone.


Wait till the next patch. They will introduce Crystals and Minerals.

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thanks for pointing out the trap set up for the innocent new players - this should be added to new player guildes asap
@Tacet @KrudlerTheHorse

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I’m starting the next let’s play account up soon. It won’t have access to soulforge until at least episode 3, 4, or 5.

I did mention in every video going over the soulforge that diamonds to souls are a complete waste.

In the most recent one posted yesterday I made the comparison of how 1 gem is 36 souls and 1 diamond is only 10, yet both of them are completely useless for converting into souls.


Good man, Tacet, keep doing the good work.

@Annaerith I stopped new videos when GW started brewing with the idea that I would resume once GW hit and the wrinkles were ironed out.

Unfortunately as we can all see this is not happening and the underlying mechanics are changing weekly! I have never made a penny from my videos and I never intended to so it really doesn’t make sense to put together videos that become worthless a week later - if I am going to invest the time I want them to have some longevity. You can see how I put the most effort into my team-building vids because those are the ones that stand the test of time better.

There were a number of reasons I started doing videos. The most important was as part of my healing from my alcoholism, to put myself out into the world for the first time in a “safe” way. Another motivation was to show my gratitude to Sirrian and crew… a way to pay for the game without paying - I still buy stuff with real $ though.

The first reason for making videos no longer exists, for I am a reborn man. But the second motivation is still there. I have a great deal of good-will feelings towards this game, this company, and Steve in particular and I want to give back freely. I just need the game to settle for a while, and with the new UI (abomination and lost opportunity) this is going to be a looooooooooooooooooooong wait.


Whats the worst currency? Treasure Maps? At the moment, I can’t think of a worse trade than 10 diamonds to 100 souls. The biggest bait since the Arcane Armor pack. 10 diamonds for 2k gold is almost comparable, but I think losing the hard bottlenecked time gated resource is worse.

Ehh, I don’t consider maps a currency. They just kind of drift up in a corner and get ignored. I was putting gold as the most worthless. There are things to do with it but the volume needed makes a single gold a pathetic thing. This puts souls at number two. Yes a very late game player will have actually no use for souls and just little use for gold, but as bad as 10 to 100 souls is imagine if it was 10 to 100 gold.

If that seems unbelievably low, remember this game gives quest rewards that are five extra gold a day. A fifth of a gold an hour.