The Black Market of Souls

Last Feature Request topic I’ll create today, I swear! :slight_smile:
I’d like it if the game introduced a way to use our unused souls. I have something like 150k souls that are just in my soul bank doing nothing, and I’m sure very high level players must have a lot more they find pretty useless too. Aside from the occasional new troop that can be upgraded straight away, the soul bank just keeps growing and growing. I think it could be really cool to actually use them for something else than troop levelling!
The idea would be to introduce the (very very) Black Market of Souls. A congregation of demons would be holding some underground trading, and you, naive adventurer, could gamble your souls away.
The way I see it, there could be three ways it works:

  • The Black Market of Souls: exchanging souls for troop cards / event weapons. The price could be insanely high, like 100k for one Legendary for instance. It would help people who need to finish a collection, who missed an event because they were on holidays, or simply for those who want 4 of every troop, because hoarding cards is ok - right? right?
  • Soul Gambling: people could gamble souls for random rewards, like keys, gems, treasure maps or gold. I don’t know if that would be fun or not, but I like the idea of an underground casino ruled by demons! :slight_smile:
  • Soul Trading: this one would be far more straightforward. You trade a defined X amount of souls for a defined X amount of resource. For instance, 1000 souls could give you 500 gold, or 2 gems, or 5 iron keys (I am making it up, I have no idea what the values would actually be). Not fu, but could be useful, I guess.

If anyone has any better idea, I’m all ears. :smile:


I wish I was in your situation! Still have a number of troops I need to level up. But once I get there, I probably will be thinking “Gosh, Archenassa had a great idea about this all those months ago!” :wink:

I’m sure you will too! :wink:
Actually it’s funny, I didn’t really care that much about it. Then my husband, who is a bit far from having leveled all of his troops, asked me if I wrote any idea about what to do with my soul surplus. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but as soon as he said it, I actually started brainstorming about it. ^^
And as I said, I’m sure higher level players could have even more use for it! :smile:

I’ve had this idea for a long time, or rather, something like this. I would like more to buy troops for other people with the souls. Something like mini feature. May be in Khetar, a place were you can sacrifice souls to get back a corpse from the beyond. (edo tensei no jutsu!!!) Anyway, I feel like the only way to make something like a Black Market works. Is that you can give other players what you bought (of course you can keep them for yourself). But… IT FEELS REALLY UNDERWHELMING TO BUY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED. (Since all the people who have all this unused souls pretty much have reach everything of the game)

(edo tensei no jutsu!!!)


(I know this is not a hentai reference, but you’re outing yourself as a japanime consumer and we will never let it down. EVER.)

Sorry, I could not resist.

Hahaha! I hate you!! -_- Well is not the first time I made a anime reference here. I used to call @CrowdedWorlds “senpai” all the time, right, senpai?! :joy:

I was very tempted to make a similar comment but held back. And here you post it anyway. All my inner turmoil of self-constraint for nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, I’ll go and listen to Laura Branigan now. You take my self, you take my self control…

Well I love anime and thats not a lie. Am not into hentai but I dont think its that bad. :blush:

And you @Melkathi go for a CD that help you with memory and multitasking issues!!!

As I said, great minds think alike! :innocent:

i gave idea about last market in the previous forum. I suggested getting some cards for souls, gold, gems. Including event units with like flash sales. you can buy some cards in 6-8h rotation. Every 6-8h the card would change… We need a black market in this game!!!

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Oh I didn’t go much on the previous forum, I didn’t mean to steal your idea. I’m sorry if I’ve come across as a plagiarizer. :confused:
I love the idea of short-term sales, but it should last longer than that, maybe a full 24 h, since a lot of people only log in once a day. But yeah, we need a black market! ^^

Don’t worry :smiley: I didn’t mean to say that you are stealing ideas :smiley:
I just wanted to say that the black market thing was already said!!! The fact that many people demands it without knowing about it earlier means that the game is really missing this feature :smiley:

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That is a really good observation actually! :slight_smile:

I think your Black Market of Souls is an awesome idea!

I like all three ways you mentioned, but the “Soul Gambling” the most. XD

Thanks :smile:
My favourite is the first one, but I’d be cool with any of them! :slight_smile:

The truth is that a trading system is missing in GoW. Even if I’m not in the same case as high level players, I think that a market where players can exchange souls, troops, gold is necessary. Very nice Idea !

I still have some troops to level up but I also thikg that a black market would be cool. I would love to be able to buy the 5 troops I still don’t have.
It would also be nice to have a black market for glories. Or maybe glories could be used to buy more things.
Armors that would not grant any bonus for example or anything that would allow us to personalise a bit our hero : different colours of armor, eyes, skin, haircuts…

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very cool idea!