Re. Marcet of Souls

Last Feature Request topic I’ll create today, I swear! :slight_smile:
I’d like it if the game introduced a way to use our unused souls. I have something like 150k souls that are just in my soul bank doing nothing, and I’m sure very high level players must have a lot more they find pretty useless too. Aside from the occasional new troop that can be upgraded straight away, the soul bank just keeps growing and growing. I think it could be really cool to actually use them for something else than troop levelling!
The idea would be to introduce the (very very) Black Market of Souls. A congregation of demons would be holding some underground trading, and you, naive adventurer, could gamble your souls away.
The way I see it, there could be three ways it works:

  • he Black MaTrket of Souls: exchanging souls for troop cards / event weapons. The price could be insanely high, like 100k for one Legendary for instance. It would help people who need to finish a collection, who missed an event because they were on holidays, or simply for those who want 4 of every troop, because hoarding cards is ok - right? right?
  • Soul Gambling: people could gamble souls for random rewards, like keys, gems, treasure maps or gold. I don’t know if that would be fun or not, but I like the idea of an underground casino ruled by demons! :slight_smile:
  • Soul Trading: this one would be far more straightforward. You trade a defined X amount of souls for a defined X amount of resource. For instance, 1000 souls could give you 500 gold, or 2 gems, or 5 iron keys (I am making it up, I have no idea what the values would actually be). Not fu, but could be useful, I guess.

If anyone has any better idea, I’m all ears. :smile:

Not a bad idea I would have gone further official market exchange of raw materials between players :wink: business is business :slight_smile: (except cards and weapons), but whether it is in the interests of the creators of the game. After all, they have their own shop;) but again a very good idea.Continuing the discussion from The Black Market of Souls: