A soul forge idea

So I thought it would be really cool if there was an option in soulforge for you to trade in a weapon and get a weapon back randomly of the same rank. So that if you had weapons that you didn’t like or didn’t use you could trade them in and try to get a different one that would be more useful to you at the same rank of the one that you have. But it would hold on to being random. Also I don’t know if there would be like a gem cost maybe or traitstone cost or souls cost or whatever cost would be thought needed. I would think that the getting a random one would be enough to suffice.

I’d like to see this added, But if not I hope it helps other projects in anyway possible.


Soul forge idea; this game gets its soul back.

What a whiny troll you are these days. You can quit anytime, but im guessing you’ll miss all the attention from your posts.

As for the OP, I think the idea is interesting but the only difficulty there is there aren’t many useful legendaries so most players would be trading in 90% of weapons to get the other 10% as an example. Like the thought though.

Not sure how this would be particularly useful. Lower costs to craft weapons, sure (especially doomed weapons), but trading in a weapon to gamble on another, especially if there’s a cost involved?

If you’re willing to spend gems for weapons, would daily deals for missing weapons be interesting? I don’t know if there are any daily deals that give weapons right now, only flash offers.

However, I don’t think the company would have issues with you spending resources on an RNG roulette until you managed to obtain the specific weapon you liked, since that just means more revenue (assuming a gem cost). But would that sort of make it P2W?