Soul Forge weapon order

Can you please make already owned weapons to be on the bottom of the list, instead of messing up with ‘not enough resources’ weapons? Right now I have to click each of the weapons just to see if I already have it or need to farm for it.

Or add some kind of backdrop color to display ‘this is already owned’. Or an icon next to the name.


Usually says “new” if you dont have it right? Sorry if im wrong i have most everything been awhile.

I dont disagree with your post at all tho

I have the eye, blade, guard, but not dawnbringer

Yeah I agree, the Weapons list is filtered for everything you have enough materials for without regard for whether you already have the weapon. Which is actually pretty consistent across the Soulforge menu except Weapons are not consumable, i.e. you can only craft them once, after that they are just noise in the list. It’d definitely be a cleaner list to highlight only weapons you (a) do NOT already have, and (b) have the materials for.

Hey all,

This is a great idea, I’ll pass it on to the team. As well as just generally some filtering or coloured icons would be helpful.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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And also I have items that I’m obviously missing to forge say a troop or a weapon… But it would really help me out if I knew what the items actually were that I’m missing… Like souls n jewels are easy but some other thing aren’t
I’m needing some certain tarot troops to forge a troop n it took me ages to work out what it is I am needing so could you put what they are… That would help out lots as im still learning… Ty

Personally, I’d want an option (toggle) to Hide Already Crafted/Owned, so I can quickly & easily see what I am missing, without having to waste visual space on stuff I already have.

There is so much clutter to sift through in the forge :frowning:
Being able to hide stuff I already have/own and seeing only stuff I am missing/can craft would already improve readability of the lists a lot.
This has been one of my major annoyances with the UI in the game for the almost 3 years I’ve played the game.


Okay then, some of the upgrades I want to see now that I’m thinking about it:

  • Filtering in general (most useful with Traitstones and Troops/Weapons) – e.g. if I have 2 Celestial Traitstones but need to craft a 3rd one, it’s a HUGE scroll to ignore the up-to-54 types of lesser Traitstones I have the ability (but not the interest!) to craft.

  • When viewing a recipe that you can craft multiples of (like Traitstones) and the menu displays the ingredients, I would kind of like to see it display the quantities as “available / required”. Yes, I know, one glance at the recipe list on the left side and I can infer how many of each ingredient I have based on the quantity I can craft (e.g. if I can craft up to “5” Minor Traitstones then this implies I have at least 10 Major Traitstones) but it would just be clearer to show it on the ingredients panel directly.

  • Ability to click on an ingredient to see what it is (most useful with recipes involving campaign/Tarot troops as an ingredient, because a player might not actually recognize the troop otherwise)

Last but DEFINITELY not least:

  • Ability to jump to the top or bottom of any scrollable list in general

I noticed that if you are navigating the Soulforge menu via controller, you can press UP from the top of the list to wrap immediately to the bottom (and vice versa, press DOWN from the bottom of the list to wrap to the top), but there is no comparable mechanism with touchscreen controls – you must repeatedly tap and scroll, and while there IS a position indicator beside the list it doesn’t react to any touch controls.

Yeah, something similar to the “Owned/Unowned/All” filter on the Troops page. “All | Unowned | Craftable” sounds like a good mix of options to start with…

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I’ve played GoW on both Steam and on a tablet.
Both suffer from the same annoyance ui wise:

Having to spam click/touch “throw” to scroll down the long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long lists.

Even more annoying: The clickable dragbars are so thin, they are actually not that easy to use. On my pc, I have to be fairly precise with trying to click on it (and that’s on a normal 1920x1080 display), where the scrollbars are basically only about half the thickness of the scrollbar in this editbox, ie can be frustratingly annoying to click on to drag through long lists.
The alternative on Steam, is to right click on the menus and “throw” the lists to try to scroll quickly through them. Similar on my tablet, I have to touch on the menus, and “throw” them to try to scroll quickly. Which is awful.

Why there isn’t at least a button at top/bottom to quickly scroll through those lists is beyond me.

Frankly though, I’m seriously boggled that the Steam version of the game STILL to this date (in the year 20freaking22) has only ONE keyboard shortcut, and that is Esc. Nothing else.
I bet I can’t even use my Bluetooth keyboard on the tablet to interact with the game. Not that I’ve bothered to try.

As for the recipes, almost every single time I’ve had to craft something to craft another thing, I’ve always wondered why I can’t select the final item I want to craft, and the game trawls through the lists & shows the final cost, and if you can afford it → then confirm to do it.
Or given this current discussion, at least filter out all the non-irrelevant stuff and only display the parts you need to craft, so you can get a better visual display of it, and then craft them more easily.

Yep something like that would be good… Or for example I want to craft Quetzalma… Recipe says ok I have enough souls…and I can see I need 4000 diamonds… But I also need 10 trait stones… I’m pretty sure they are celestial trait stones but I have to go and look at all the pictures as im not sure if I’ve got it right… So not only owned or unowned it would really help to know what that trait stone or weapon or troop is without having to try and work it out cos it takes ages… Thanks for replying to me

Oops sorry yes you did cover my concern in you email… I didn’t look properly… So sorry… Thanks :blush:

Wait, they actually work?

Okay, yes that’s nice, but they are DEFINITELY too small for a player to assume they are anything more than an indicator. Basically everything else anywhere in the game’s UI is large enough to be mobile/tablet friendly but this one thing is not.

Ye… on the Steam version they work. They can be hard to click on but they do work.
Actually, thanks for reminding me, I meant to comment on how insanely hard they are to use on the tablet. :confused:

[edit] Actually @blondie1 touched on another thing that really bugs me about the forge, especially when I was still new to the game (but heck, even for a long time afterwards):
You can’t actually click on any of the materials used in a craft to get a tooltip popup to tell you what you are actually looking at! They seriously expect everyone & anyone to be able to visually identify everything, without any help at all.

That… I just… don’t even.

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