Bring back the Old weapons

There’s a lot of folks (myself included) who have spent a lot of time/money on this game who would like the opportunity to purchase/craft some of the weapons we missed from back in the day. We don’t do this with old units so I see no good reason to do with weapons either.

These include but are not limited to:

Divine Protector
Earth’s Fury
Trickster Shot

Why not have two weapons available in the store per week. The new one and a “greatest hits” one on rotation.

Please give your newer players a chance to compete on an even playing field.

Take my money — you like money don’t you!?


Or have them rotate in the soul forge :woman_shrugging:

But +1 to your suggestion. I would like to get some of the weapons I missed on PC.


As an old player, who is missing like 5 weapons, and as a free to play player, the soul forge would be a better way to go.

Currently weapons there are there, then thats it. Only exception is the 1s you can craft from events rather than buy with gems.

Game has been around a long arse time, there are gonna be heaps that people have missed, that would be nice to not limit to people who pay money, and only dont have them, because they are new to the game.


erm none of those are even remotely old weapons…but i am an ancient player so xD


I still want Fire & Ice and Sun & Moon … no I’m not talking about the Pokemon game

I’m cool with $5 for some of the weapons I missed … make it happen .

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All Im missing, and 2 of them are class weapons I was waiting on this update to do lol.

update is out @Smash hop to it :smiley:

It’s not even like they would be a bargain in the soul forge, players would have to decide whether to save diamonds for mythics or for event weapons. Which I’d consider a Good Thing, the soul forge currently feels like a huge shop with a lot of empty shelves, there should be a lot more shiny things on display that offer a tough choice what to work for next.


I’m fine with making them soul forge or cash either way. Or even both. So long as everyone has a chance to get them.

Sadly, I just asked about this from official sources, and there may be no such plans to introduce the Event weapons.

It will probably stay on rotation, so you can hope to get Earth’s Fury, Flammifer, Trickster Shot, etc. in 1-2 years from now. And sadly, that’s how it is for most players who were AFK at that time, or were unable to obtain those weapons otherwise. Some of my friends left the game just because of this silliness.

I will never buy a 50 EUR pack just to get one missing weapon, and a chance to get a Mythic/Legendary unit that I may already have fully traited and ascended. All Event weapons should be either placed in the Weekly Event, not just one, but two or more, if they exist. I can easily and gladly pay 5 EUR to get each missing weapon though, or craft all of them.

The other plan is to include or expand the SoulForge, adding those recipes there.
This change should be included with the 4.3 Update.

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Sadly, I just asked about this from official sources, and there may be no such plans to introduce the Event weapons.

Who and when did you hear this information from? During the Q&A I asked about it and Sirrian said that putting them in the soulforge could be an option.

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I might be mistaken but I think earth’s fury is a grosh nak weapon. I’m just assuming it’ll go back on sale when it rotates to the grosh nak kingdom again

Well, it’s not the only weapon. It could appear in a $50 pack, and the other, more inferior weapon can be there for $5 for a week instead.

Pues si yo tambien soy antiguo y me faltan un buen de armas.por lo menos que salgan en disponibilidad dependiendo al reino que toque por decir si toca bosque de espinas todas las armas o las mas utiles estaran disponibles toda esa semana.

A [revised] Google translation of the above:

Well, if I am [both? an] old [player] and I lack a good weapon. At least [let’s make it so that] they come in availability depending on the [event] kingdom [e.g., when it’s] forest of thorns all weapons or the most useful will be available all that week.

I think making all weapons of a kingdom available during its event week would be an improvement.

I think this old post from Sirrian is a good one to keep in mind, though, when thinking about adding things to the shop (discovered in my recent forum trawls on the subject, and previously linked by others):

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Sirrians answer is from September 2016 lol

I think it is really bad that the game’s message about historic weapons is, “Either be there when it releases or pay $5 when we decide to make it available again.”

This is the only part of the game I can think of that you have no option but to spend money. It is a gate to end-game and it costs at least $5, not to mention a really long waiting period that just might be indefinite.

This is the biggest reason why if someone asked me if they should start GoW today, I might say “no”.


I will continue to like and comment on any thread that mentions this topic.

  • Most preferrable solution: Put these weapons in the soul forge on a rotating basis.
  • Acceptable solution: Make a permanent weapon shop that features weapons on a rotating basis.

Or make them accessible for both monetary and non-monetary means:

rotating selection in Soulforge AND rotating selection in shop…with several weapon choices available on each given week.
(not necessarily featuring the same weapons at the same time; I guess it would be better to rotate independently.)