Give us a chance to get Older Weapons

The weapons are the only insurmountable hurdle.

The troops are burdensome to get, but I think it’s always been true if you don’t plan on playing GoW for more than 6 months it’s better not to start anyway. That part’s actually kind of good, I feel most F2P games only expect to hold you 2-3 months so I see it as a selling point that GoW tries to entice people to have anniversaries.

But the weapons are practically impossible to get. There is no set rotation. It’s completely random. There are at least half a dozen meta-relevant weapons, but only one per week is available in Soulforge and only one per week is on sale for $4.99. I know enthusiastic newbies that are constantly frustrated because the answer to, “How can I improve my event team?” always involves weapons that there’s no guarantee they’ll ever get.

That makes the game a no-buy in my opinion, I don’t understand why it’s stuck around so long. Divine Protector was the first problem and they used a band-aid to hush the players. Now there are at least five problems. Solving these problems means I believe a new player can be competitive (given enough time). Without it, GoW is a game for veterans only.

(Soulforge and a rotation aren’t the only problems. If events offer “functional reprints” of old weapons that sort of counts. It won’t make current players happy, though. I don’t really care what the solution is so long as I feel like I can tell a new player if they invest a year wisely they can compete.)


I think its pretty important for a collection game that it actually be possible to collect everything. That should go without saying … People don’t want to ask how to get something and be told “you can’t.”


There’s also the utterly oppressive paywall to consider in this special case. If the old event weapons follow the Divine Protector approach they are going to cost five bucks each, and there are dozens of them by now. “Sorry, F2P players only get access to troops, collecting event weapons to make your hero more viable will cost you a few hundred bucks” doesn’t tend to go down well. If I had known the game would take this direction back when I started I wouldn’t even have touched the install button.


I agree there should be a way to either forge or unlock these weapons (or both). Especially the weapons like Rope Dart and Sky Hero that were only available during specific events. The soulforge barely has any options for weapons. Why not just make all these old weapons craftable? Gives us each something to strive for to strengthen our unique strategies. On top of that, why not have players unlock the weapons at specific gem masteries similar to Mang so that leveling feels a little more rewarding? I still feel as if 100 mastery of every color should yield some specific weapon.


Nooooo! Don’t do it devs! I need something to feel special about, and what’s more special than having shiny things that others don’t have and can’t get? I mean dawnbringer and xathenos are so last year now that everyone is getting them… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This has been requested many times before:

  1. Old Event weapons in the Soulforge
  2. New Player's Rant: Give Us a Way to Get Those Weapons
  3. Bring back the Old weapons
  4. Soulforge Needs to be Updated

The common idea in these threads is to:

  • Put them in the soul forge
  • Sell every kingdom’s weapon for $4.99 each time it rolls around. This would reduce it from a 70 week cycle to get flammifer to a 35 week cycle.
  • Create a “weapon shop” and have various weapons sold there.

A good solution would involve something that is fair to F2P players, those wanting to spend some money to support the game, and takes into account veteran’s emotions of being with the game for so long (which has often been cited as a reason these weapons are so hard to come by).

I have made various community managers aware of our pleas for access to the weapons, even asked it in several dev Q&A twitch streams, and they have claimed that they’re working on a solution.
I’ve yet to see an actual response to this in any of these threads, though. Until then, I guess we continue to make these posts to let them know how important this issue is to us, and a solution is desperately wanted sooner rather than later.

Until this is solved, many newer players who have found this game are often feeling like they can never catch up and are oppressed by veterans with access to these really powerful weapons. This could cost the game potential paying customers because they feel even if they spend money, they’ll still not have the ability to obtain these key weapons.


I think so this does need to happen because i personally think it’s ridiculous that certain weapons only can be purchased with actual money instead of hard earned gems and somehow be rewarded too through hard works and efforts we put into them.

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Even for the players willing to pay $5 the cycle is far more than 70 weeks now. We now have 140~ legendary weapons and 60~ epic weapons (yes the weekly offered $5 weapon include the epic ones).

I think the best solution would be: put all weapons of one kingdom a week in the Soulforge for F2P players (a 35~ weeks cycle), and make a weapon shop with all event weapons for others.


You had your chance but you blew it. Sorry I had to.

Hopefully the devs will listen soon and address this, it’s currently the #1 reason preventing newer players from being competitive at the events…

Yes, I also discourage new players from starting the game for 2 reasons:

  • No way to get so many good weapons;
  • No catch up mechanism for newer players while the things to do just pile up.

I played the game for almost 2 years and I miss a bunch of weapons that I’ll probably never get, miss most of the mythic troops and I barely have 4 or 5 kingdoms to max stars. And I started in a period where delves were not a thing so it was easier to focus on kingdoms only.

A newer player will be overwhelmed by the things he needs to do. He’ll never catch up with the current veterans and this is a bad thing in a game. You want the period it takes to reach end-game to be sort of constant in time regardless of how much content you’re adding. Each new mythic added exponentially increases the time it takes to collect all mythic troops, for example. And we get one each month.

So from my point of view this is a game for veterans and new players are better to stay away from it otherwise it will be quite frustrating.

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What i don’t understand is that there is an appetite for these weapons yet devs take no action.

Even the F2P players in our guilds have shown intentions of spending cash to purchase the weapons if they came to the shop.

Please can we give some serious thoughts on this and soon?



Let’s say that there is a full Guild of 30 members, and at least 15 people don’t have the wanted Event weapon yet.

30 x $5 = $150 / 2 = $75

Imagine, if only 50% of those would buy those Event Weapons, they could still earn $75.
And that’s only one Guild. There are hundreds of them that are still active.

I mean, this is my biggest issue with this game, their monetization system.
They offer you ridiculously overpriced items that also have a chance to drop a duplicate Legendary or Mythic troop that you already have or you don’t need, or they add a weapon that you don’t have, but have everything else, yet your only choice is to buy the whole Bundle pack for the full price of a triple-A title.

For example:
March 2019 - There will be another chance that we’ll get the Earth’s Fury (Grosh-Nak) weapon again, but most people say that it will not be present, instead, we will get the other variant of the weapon, and the $50 Bundle pack will feature the one that you normally get just by playing the game.

In any case, if this really happens and I don’t get a chance of getting a missed weapon for $5, I’ll pretty much quit the game. It’s not because I hate it, but just because of pure annoyance and helplessness.
The other reason is that I want to have full or complete weapon collection someday, but without waiting years to get it. $50 Bundle packs are also not an option for me. That’s not the only issue. Duplicate Mythic troops are another, but I won’t discuss this here.

I hope that @Cyrup or @Kafka will actually keep their promise and fix this issue in the upcoming update - 4.3. If they don’t plan to actually rectify this situation, I think that this is a HUGE missed opportunity here. This could be their source of income, even if it’s just a $5 for every weapon, but just imagine how many people really want to get them. A LOT!

Sadly, most of them never get a chance to do so.
They’ll either got tired of waiting or just give up on the game because of it.

I’ll post a new suggestion on how to solve this problem.

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It should be Skull Cleaver, the same weapon as previous Grosh-Nak event. 5$ weapons are tied to kingdoms and that list was established before all relevant event weapons (Earth’s Fury, Trickster’s Shot, etc) were released and never changed. Divine Protector in 5$ shop was 1-time event during release of new kingdom and there was another weapon initially but Devs changed it to Divine Protector manually several hours after release.
It is a really bad system, completely unfair to newer players. Also, it shows how disconnected devs and publishers with players. It can be a money source for them and players will be happy but no, we are offered the same old weapons each time.


I agree. This practice should be changed as soon as possible as it’s detrimental to the game.
I really hope that they are seriously considering doing some changes soon, preferably in the next upcoming update - 4.3 to address this.

In the meantime, I wrote this suggestion of mine. I hope that it’s decent enough to be considered.

When did they promise that?

I think I heard it on the YouTube video from TacetTheTerror some time ago, but I am not completely sure.
I can’t provide any evidence of this. Let’s hope that I am correct and that this issue gets resolved soon.

I wouldn’t count on it. Tacet doesn’t know anything we don’t know. All I’ve heard from the devs is that they are working on it but like with everything else they are working on never gave a time frame.

This is a frustrating aspect of dev communication and I’m especially disappointed that they keep citing, “We are going to work on transparency” but never keep that promise.

Up to the day of the announcement that the class change fee was going to be removed, the devs maintained their position that they didn’t want to and would not change it. There was a huge thread about it just like this. They could have said, “We get it, we’re investigating it, please sit tight and we’ll tell you when we know a timeline for fixing it.” That would’ve made a lot of people very excited and caused the thread to lose steam for a while. Instead, they waited until they had a solution to say anything.

(I sort of get why they worked that way so I don’t want to criticize it too hard but the point is next.)

So as far as I know, they’re actually working on a solution to class weapons right now. But they don’t tell us a word about what is in a version until it’s finished and committed, and they never, ever talk about more than about 2 weeks ahead.

That makes players anxious, because it means the time between “we deliver feedback” and “feedback is implemented” is as long as possible. Players are happiest when that gap is minimized. It is certainly true that many, many players aren’t satisfied with statements like, “This is a priority but we don’t have a fix or timeline.” Those players are giant babies and will be unhappy with everything. It’s not worth upsetting every other player because of them.

That said, “We’re investigating and don’t have a timeline” only works for so long. We have to be able to trust it when the devs say it.

One thing to note: the major threads like this in my career have been:

  • Dawnbringer in Arena
  • Class Change Fee
  • Weapon Costs

The two that have been addressed took at least six months of player focus to be prioritized. “Weapon Costs” is right at about six months old probably (I’m not going look up when Divine Protector exacerbated the problem and made it real.) So we’re entering the window that any day I expect a patch to be released where this is fixed, but it isn’t in the patch notes.

I have no clue why the devs tend to fix major player issues with ninja patches and no hype. I think that’s a big part of the perception that they don’t listen. I also think it’s a big part of why I detect dev perception is players hate all changes. We got a giant explainer about nerfing Legendary Tasks. Of course players hated that! We had zero official posts when Soulforge Rotation became a thing. I actually argued with a dev that it wasn’t implemented on the basis that it hadn’t been announced!

Announce the things players like, and you’ll get a lot more positive feedback! If the only announcements are nerfs, you can’t complain nobody likes the announcements.


Much credibility has been lost and the worst was when they ended the tribute “bug” and not communicated it, then for players to find out (which was initially denied) and than came back with an official announcement.

Transparency of current is what they wish to communicate which would not impact them negatively.

All i want is not even a permenant fix for this.
Lot of our members struggle at events with mediocore builds in the events and even i feel sheepish now to post teams that half of our members can never build due to availability.

They’ve overwritten the weekly weapon in the shop on the Sin of Maraj week with Divine Protector (the irony to offer a divine weapon on a daemon week) and at this stage even the occasional overwrites would help.

It’s a win win for both so i see no reason why this could not be an option.

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