Soulforge Needs to be Updated

It has been out for quite some time and since then we have had dozens of new cards added to the game and now it takes over 2 months for one mythic to cycle back around (even longer for legendary cards, obviously). My vote would be to have 8 mythics (not including Zuul’Goth and Xathenos) and 12 legendaries per week. While I am glad the Soulforge was added at all, I’m hopeful this will help the long wait time for card rotations.



I think that spending diamonds on legendary troops is a bit of a trap.

Only the best legendaries (Ishbaala, Khorvash, Glaycion, Gorgotha, Krystenax, Mab, Titania, Sylvanimora, and The Dragon Soul) are worth spending diamonds on, and then only if you have such a complete mythic collection that you’re only missing out on garbage-tier mythics (Gargantaur, Fallen Valdis, Xathenos, maybe War and Death). But if you have that many mythic troops, you probably have a complete legendary collection already.

With that said, I agree that the legendary troop rotation rate needs to be increased. I don’t have a problem with a 2-month cycle on mythics, since 8-9 weeks is about how long it takes to acquire 4000 diamonds.

Soulforge needs to be updated with weapons


Soulforge needs to be updated with common gnomes :joy:


Yes, definitely weapons! One thousand percent agree!


Weapons is the main issue i feel. Unless you started gems at the very start, many have come and gone, never to be seen again apart from the occasional cash option that seems to randomly appear. I dont mind the current rotational frequency of troops because the required resources are still significant to make a purchase. Increasing the frequency wont necessarily improve the situation, because diamonds are not the only rare commodity, celestial stones are also scarce. And you will need them for reruns of bygone weapons. That should guarantee dungeon purchases on sundays at the very least.


Weapons is definitely an issue but that’s a whole new thing the devs would have to add, whereas we already have troops. I’m just asking for a few more :stuck_out_tongue: And I agree it still takes some precious commodities to craft troops but if more were in the rotation, you’re likely to come across it sooner as well, rather than having to wait aaaaaages for it. Thanks for your ideas!

Soul forge needs updating with gnomes :+1:

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Idk how to write this without coming across sounding rude but… why? Haha

Because people with excess resources would love a more convenient pathway to collect and ascend gnomes.

Right now it’s really difficult to get each gnome (which is maybe fine—no problem with there being rare cards), and it’s nearly impossible to get any gnome that isn’t Cedric ascended to mythic without using ascension orbs.

Almost no one wants to waste the rarest orb upgrading troops that aren’t actually useful but still needed for a “complete” collection.

Going to agree with all the soulforge ideas!

  1. Each anniversary, we should add 1 more mythic and 2 more legendaries available per week. This would scale with the number introduced each year.
  2. Weapons should be added
  3. Maybe reduce the diamond cost for mythics & legendaries that have been around for a long time. I think catching up to veteran players is way way too much of a barrier to entry to mid-level players realizing that they need mythics to stay competitive.
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I think it makes sense to implement a rough cap on the time frame in which the Soulforge cycle should repeat, so that it remains sustainable as more troops are introduced, as @OMFGorgeous mentioned.

~6 mythics feels right to me, at the moment (maybe the same for Legendaries, or perhaps 8).

I guess changing it every now and then would require extra coding, and perhaps the Devs have decided 4 is a good number from which to choose, and that having more options might make things tougher for players :man_shrugging:.

1000% agree soulforge needs updating, mainly the ability to craft weapons(event weapons). The reasoning behind this is simple any person who has one of the cheese weapons (Tricksters Shot, Yasmines Pride, Earth’s Fury) have a massive advantage on anyone who doesn’t have it for a chance at leaderboard. I don’t understand the big deal of not having this as a feature right now, I mean you can craft mythics so why not weapons???