Old Event weapons in the Soulforge


I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I believed that the Crafting will include all the old Event weapons… But it’s not…

Why the old event weapons are not available for Crafting?


I thought it would have been a perfect place to reintroduce these, myself. Then again, crafting turned out to be a lot more limited than I had imagined it would be, so I’m not too surprised the weapons are not there.


Yep just missing Fire & Ice and Eggsplosion - would craft those in a second just to complete my collection.


Anyone know when the last time this was in the shop? I have waited like crazy for this one…


I don’t think it ever offered as a $4.99 bundle, same with the Egg. There was a brief period where the old weapons cost $15, I skipped those :wink:


I thought about these old Event weapons - the SoulForge could be used in the future to create upgraded Mythic versions. For example, let’s take Fire & Ice. If you craft F&I and also have Summer Fury and Winter Woe in your Inventory for the low cost of 500K Souls you can forge:

Heat and Snow Miser (20 Red/Blue/Green) - Deal [Magic + 2] damage to all enemies, boosted by enemies that have Freeze and/or Burn status effect in their spell or trait description. Freeze and Burn all enemies.

I’m super crappy at creating Lore but here goes:
There were these two Elemental DemiGod half-brothers who simply could not get along because they were opposites and whatnot. Their mother Yasmine was fed up and sent Ragnagord with some summer and winter imps to steal their respective weapons. Mission Accomplished, she took Summer Fury and Winters Woe to the lowest-bid RuneSmith and had Fire & Ice created. Hoping this set of blades would forge an alliance between the two brothers Yasmine presented this gift to them. They witnessed Fire & Ice and found it to be mediocre. She was like all “OK now what”! Then one of the imps who was a trickster at heart suggested “Take this junk to SparkGrinder, he can fix anything”! Thus after an explosion that took out half his lab, Heat & Snow Miser was forged!


The official answer is @Saltypatra doesn’t know but would ask.


I was expecting this too. also missing the egg myself


I always fancied staff of madness myself.


Is there anything new to this topic? [needs a push!]
I had a break for about 5 month missing some of the good weapons as Eath’s Fury, Divine Protector or Hope’s Crescent and their is no way to get them now. Soulforge seems to be the perfect place for it.
Maybe we can get 3 random weapons (as it is with mythic troops right now) per week so we get a chance to obtain thoose without waiting for the next event in the associated kingdoms and hoping it will be still available…
And please don’t say we have to buy it in the shop for 5 Euros or something like that as it was available for ingame recources earlier …

Please make this happen!

Thx a lot!


The divine protector is in shop this week. I don’t believe it will be in soulforge, at least soon. Because the people who brought it $5 will be sad and would ruine the enthusiasm of in-game purchase. I missed the DP as well. So I brought it without a thought.