New Player's Rant: Give Us a Way to Get Those Weapons

We new players DO need a way to obtain all those extremely useful weapons which we missed. For example, in this week’s Tower event, Yasmine’s Pride is the best weapon in higher floors, but it’s unobtainable for now. So all relatively new players like me, have to use rather mediocre team to play. Why is that?

This problem is not new. But every single time it appears it reminds me that I’m second class in this game. It’s very bad experience. For that reason, I would not spend any more gems on this event. I think it’s the most common reaction for this kind of situation, which is bad for the entire eco of this game.


Echoing this sentiment. I routinely tell my guild’s new players that Earth’s Fury or Divine Protector are worth the $5 a weapon pack costs, but if they are never for sale my guild mates will never get the chance to spend that money.


I wholeheartedly agree that this is one revenue stream that the greedy publishers are overlooking and one that we would not begrudge them from taking advantage of. I have a friend that has come back after about a year off and she is tired of hearing me say “oh, just use earth’s fury or divine protector with the standard team and you will do fine” as she does not have either of those weapons and they have not been offered since she came back.

So… please do something about this and make some money in the process…


I’d like to see all legacy weapons available for sale at all times. Cash or gems for most, maybe rotate in one for glory each week.

There might be some store limitations that would make this challenging, but I’d imagine the revenue opportunity would merit the resources required.


This is on the Dev eventual to do list. Been there a while.
No details because they have no idea on how they want to implement it, but they agree they should be easier to obtain.

Next patch gets rid of class change cost, so after that might be a real good time to work on this :thinking:

I agree, and if it’s on the Dev’s to-do list, I’m glad. From what I can see/recall, these old event weapons are the only things in the game that are locked behind a paywall.

One of the things that often gets mentioned to newcomers in Global as a major upside of the game is that there’s nothing you can’t get/achieve in the game with enough time/effort, as a free player. It’s not quite true, though, and has the potential to become something that turns players off the game (who come here saying their last game was p2w, and that this one is a refreshing change).

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Why not just make them craftable in the soulforge ? Have them on a rotation similar to mythics.


Having them be available for real money is more palatable to the publishers, which means the devs are more likely to get a green light to do it.

I think this is my next big bandwagon to jump on.

I’m happy with how weapons have changed in 2018. In 2017’s game almost nobody used the hero outside of Dawnbringer teams. Now there’s almost no reason to exclude the hero from your team, and in most events there are at least 4 decent choices for weapons… if you were lucky enough to have “been there” when they released.

If not, so sorry. Don’t bother thinking about leaderboards in scaling events, and it’s going to be harder for you to even keep up within your own guild. What the heck kind of setup is that? It’s hostile to new players, and ensures older players will never have new competition.

I don’t even think it needs to be fancy. Just a Soulforge rotation similar to how troops get rotated through. I don’t think it’s harmful if a new player might have to wait a few months to be able to get the weapon. I do think it’s harmful that there is no guarantee the weapon will ever appear again.


Yeah, the $5 packs simply aren’t enough to be getting all weapons “available” to newer players and would currently represent an unavoidable block of hundreds of dollars (and who knows how much waiting) for someone to even be close to “equal footing”.

As I said in the other thread, soulforge costs are already inflated (from the perspective of newer players) from obtaining the weapon with gems in the shop - 250 gems is far easier to obtain in any given limited time period compared to 200 diamonds, 400/400 jewels, and the souls and celestials necessary to craft the raid/invasion ones, and 500 gems is definitely easier than 800 diamonds, 2000 jewels, souls and celestials necessary to craft the Doomed weapons. As such, putting them in the soulforge in some kind of rotation would not make these newer players just have an instantly full collection and remove a monetization avenue from the game - it puts greater scarcity on other resources for more effective moneitzation of those resources, be it directly or circuitously (eg., buy gems, use gems to get jewels to get a weapon). Plus, as with the issue with mythics before soulforge was implemented, you pretty much can’t feasibly “collect” weapons right now because there is no real way to get one that you missed for any reason. Having them as another “carrot” or long term goal only helps. You can still continue with the $5 packs for legacy weapons (the super old ones), and they would still sell. You can even put some of the newer ones in $15 packs while including some of their upgrade material and it would still often be the more efficient or faster way to obtain the weapon (from the perspective of a resource scare newer player), and thus, a new moneitziation avenue.

Really, I think the main reason that this isn’t as much of an issue with newer players right now is that many are perma casuals that make no actual effort to progress and many of the ones that do want to progress (the ones that weapons purchases would be targeted at anyways) are unaware that this is an roadblock that they will hit because they’ve never had access to the tool set the weapons provide and aren’t aware of just how much of a difference they make and the kingdom bottlenecks just seem so far off. This information will spread in time to the point that even some prospective new players are aware that there is a huge power and progression gap that is not only essentially not achievable with the future intent to be paywalled (you can’t really even call it a paywall in the current state it is in now if they never sell the dang things) which is an instant dealbreaker for many people, even if they would never realistically achieve it anyways. Lets not wait until there are hundreds or thousands of people at this point and slap together a last minute solution that only addresses part of the problem, please.

tl;dr: Weapons need to be available through an in-game means, such as the inflated Soulforge costs they are already at when they release, in a reasonable rotation. Done smartly, this encourages additional monetization via scare (to newer players) resources and putting weapon completion back on the table as a “carrot”. $5 packs for old legacy weapons, $10-15 packs w/ ingots for the more powerful newer ones would still be attractive shortcuts.


I can’t find it now so perhaps I’m losing my mind, but I swear I remember Sirrian saying that they would put old event weapons back in the game through non-$$ means, and Soulforge was community’s assumption. I feel like this was…quite a while ago now.


+1 to having real money for instant purchases, and in-game currency for a wait (and investment/trade-off, since it would delay crafting a mythic) to craft, which seems comparable to the typical model in GoW of paying to progress more quickly.


I’m hitting that roadblock Mithran mentions. I’ve been playing for a few months and am now realizing how many recommended teams I may never be able to use. It’s especially frustrating when I see how others are easily rushing through higher-level content while I’m struggling with obvious second-rate teams. If I knew I would one day catch up that would be fine, but currently I can’t.

When I heard from the stream that they are considering putting older weapons up for sale, but don’t have a solid plan as of yet, I’ll admit I seriously considered quitting the game. I’m not opposed to dropping $5 on the game now and then, but that’s not even a viable option right now. The thought of having to potentially pay a lot more though does cause some concern.

I’m only at mid-level right now and still enjoying the game so I’ll likely be patient for a bit longer and see how things play out. But I’ve already been poking around at other games and how this plays out over the next few months will be a deciding factor in how much I invest in the game, both personally and financially.


And even I’d like to pay with real money I cannot get those useful weapons in a very long period. I begin to play at August 2018, and never seen Yasmine’s Pride nor Earth’s Fury nor Trickster’s Shot in weekly special.

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If those weapons are going to be put up for sale on real money only then this game just become a true pay 2 win. It’s close but I still feel is one of the few free to play games that you can have fun without actually dropping money on it and many players pay for stuff just to support the game.

But if you have some of the best weapons in the game obtainable only with real money for newer players… That is a slippery slope which will have more and more content behind real money. As of now weapons like Divine Protector, Earth’s Furry, Trickster’s Shot and maybe few others are end game weapons and in some specific cases the only way to compete in end game content. Don’t make those behind a real money pay wall. Every new player will be completely disappointed in finding out that as they are disappointed now finding out they are locked out of certain contents because of this.


Not much to add to the conversation, but I want to say this topic is important to me. As a player that has come in after these weapons were released, I feel like I’ll never be able to make some of the powerful teams or explore nice combinations that older players have.

I’d be thrilled if these were available through the soulforge, but I also agree that I’d be willing to spend real money to direct purchase these.


You definitely can still play this game, a ton, without forking over a penny. It’s just an extreme grind. Paying just makes it a lot easier/faster.

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I would really love for this to happen too! There’s a ton of older weapons released before I started playing that I wouldn’t spend real money for, but I would be happy to get them for gems/diamonds to complete my collection.

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If they took the soulforge route it would be nice for them to take place of the static swords and staffs and rotate once a week like the troops.
That’s 12 a week!

Unfortunately though with such high demand and players lined up with cash in their hands, it is most likely to end up in the cash shop…

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Just a 24hs/day, 7 days/week, 30 days/month shop tab with all past weapons for U$4.99 each and a rotation on soulforge based on the weekly event kingdom should work.

Better yet for the devs/publisher: Offer one or two weekly Bundle(s) costing U$ 50,00 for each kingdom containing all weapons of that kingdom with 10 of each ingot, 20 Event Keys, 03 Vip keys and some other basic resources that would be attractive/useful to new players and you’ll set newcomers on the Vip path as most people would consider going for Vip 5 at once.