Soulforge for weapons

A flap inside the forge soul, which allows novice players to forge old weapons or past events.

the system could function just like the forge for mythical and legendary troops, perhaps using a special ingot for forge, gems and souls.

even if it was time consuming to gather these resources, just as it is time to join diamonds to make the mythical ones would be very interesting and would make the game fairer.


People have asked for this dozens of times, over and over, every week. The devs have either not replied, or have said “we’re looking into ways for people to acquire previous event weapons” and nothing else.

It’s pretty silly- the solution is the soulforge, and it’s already there. But the devs seem bound and determined to not make it that easy. *shrug*


Would love for this to be an option instead of having to pay money for old weapons

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Historically you always claimed to have gained event weapons before any other GoW player somehow.

So maybe not an issue for you :wink:


Me? where did I claim to have won event weapons before anyone else?

There’s a couple issues at work here, in my opinion.

  1. The game’s current gem economy requires constant new weapons to be released weekly as sinks. This is why when Grosh’Nak was the event kingdom a few weeks ago, Earth’s Fury wasn’t re-offered. The gem sink for the weapon wouldn’t be there for older players, as they had the weapon already. Coupled with intentional FOMO, the devs want to create the impression that each weekly weapon is a mandatory buy, else it will be a very, very long time (perhaps never) until that weapon is offered again. Also, buying weekly event kingdom weapons are required for upper-tier (11+) kingdom star thresholds.

You’ll never see this on an event page:

UberWeapon is available in this week’s Event Shop and in the Soulforge for the duration of the event.

UberWeapon will be craftable in Soulforge/FutureNewGameMode in one year’s time.

  1. The issue with old kingdom event weapons, and the weapon requirement for kingdom stars wall.

On one hand, practically all of these weapons are very obsolete. Maybe, a small number might have some valid niche application still. On the other hand, there’s that thorny issue from the previous point about weapons and kingdom stars. If the devs make the weapons easily obtainable via the soulforge, then partially trivializes the weapon to kingdom star requirement which they don’t want because that circumvents gem sinks.

  1. The never-ending stream of event weapons that will need to be accounted for in these monthly game mode cycles.

From the last Q&A stream, the devs discussed needing to create a “solution” to this issue to prevent the need to revisit the problem over and over and over again.

The SoulForge currently doesn’t offer direct monetization of anything, so the devs likely don’t want to take weapons that are selling in some small degree to new players and place them in a mode where they will never generate any revenue.

That likely means a new game mode (or a complete SoulForge rework) is being created where old weekly event weapons can be deposited there after a required minimum waiting period, whatever that will be. I’d expect a new currency to be introduced specifically for handling whatever new solution is created in an upcoming quarterly update.

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I wasn’t replying to you btw, someone else :smile:
Apologies for any confusion caused.

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Add Weaponry Ore to the gems. Add weapons to the forge and they need Weaponry Ore, on about the same scale as Mythic needing diamonds. Add Weaponry ore to the dungeons in about the same scale as diamonds…and also sell Weaponry Ore. Monetization solved; no new systems needed.

I mean, sure, there’s more to finesse than that…but that’s a workable idea in 30 seconds, and they’ve had this problem for years.


I completely agree with you.

As I mentioned above, the devs want FOMO to compel purchases. The SoulForge, as a perhaps curious final relic of the “old system” (even though it was the first system modeled for the current UX, it doesn’t fit the motif of the game’s current methodologies), doesn’t embrace monetization. Crafting mythics can be done without any monetization whatsoever, although slowly. I don’t believe that at this point, the devs want to go down that same route with weapons. Not with their current stance being that everything that gets added to the game has to be monetized or have some effect upon the game’s monetization.

It’s possible that the devs may allow the weapons to be crafted at some point in the future (via some yet to be known method) once their power creeped replacements have been released.

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I’ve taken a break on it on pc so missed a lot of weapons on there