Soulforge weapons

Seriously, remove those useless purple weapons from the soulforge already and rotate the old weapons such as Earth’s fury, divine protector …
This should be the feature since day one as all those troops in the soulforge rotating each week.


The devs have been “looking into this” since the Soulforge came out. Unfortunately, that’s the grand total of everything we know.

Some people don’t have those “useless purple weapons” and need them to fully upgrade their kingdom so this wouldn’t be a good idea to remove them. But to add the past weapons yes great idea

Seriously, just add a new one every week or atleast rotate them into the delve events or weekly events so you can purchase them with gems.

Its super hard on new players that never had a chance at these weapons

rope dart for example

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@RedRoseWarrior yeah you are right. Those purple ones are a good way for kingdoms leveling. Didn’t even think about that till seeing your suggestion, and I already upgraded legendaries for leveling kingdoms T_T.

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That works to but I’m sure knowing the devs they’ll eventually require all weapons of the kingdom to be upgraded in order to reach full power level