Ghulvania Power level

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I hope you are aware, that Ghulvania will reach PL 25 for sure in early May (PL 26 if Gemini mythic will still be for Ghulvania).
That means, that we will need 12 weapons!!!
We had the same problem with Ghulvania in the past about 10 weapons, we asked on stream, but @Saltypatra didn’t understand the problem!!!
You have around 6 weeks to put a Ghulvania weapon into an event now!


I’m pretty sure the developers know more than you about what weapons and troops they’ll be releasing, and when, for the power levels of kingdoms.


we had the same problem in the past…just saying.
right now i can’t see a ghulvania weapon in spoilers


They don’t put things in the game just so players can datamine it. That’s the danger of datamining. Just because you don’t see something in the files doesn’t mean it isn’t planned.

okay, hoping devs will hear you

According to the databases over at Taransworld, Ghulvania already has 12 weapons.

Now, I’m not sitting near my console to fire it up and double-check, but I suspect one or two of those weapons are the really old weapons sold in the very early days of Gems of War for cash. And therefore can only be purchased through flash offers these days.

If that’s the case, I would hope that the developers would cycle those old, old weapons into the Soulforge to give the rest of us who weren’t playing on Day Zero a chance to get them. Rather than have the block be a true paywall with no way to resolve this. (As opposed to those who might not have the Doomed Scythe fully upgraded and therefore have to try and farm cursed runes for the Forge scrolls.)


yes, chain flail is a weapon for real money. like i said, we had the same problem in the past for f2p players in ghulvania, took the devs two weeks after upgrading to release a weapon.
wouldn’t be a big problem, if we wouldn’t get these silly ingot offers, when we miss a weapon


@Jeto @Nimhain thanks for releasing a Ghulvania weapon in May…problem solved


Ghulvania will also get 3 new troops in May, opening up the power level task that requires 14 fully upgraded weapons to not receive ingot offers. Looks like the only thing that changes is that we will be short an additional weapon.

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you’re right, now with deathclaw added the problem remains the same or got even bigger: f2p players will need two weapons then @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan

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@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan
when do you think it is time to leave an answer here?
after release in May?

I’m not really clear what you want an answer to. Most kingdoms are power blocked by troops. Is your view the devs must release new troops to stop that happening? If not, why apply that logic to weapons? Or pets or anything else for that matter. Plus devs clearly release stuff with little or no regard to its impact (or lack thereof) on kingdom power, so I can’t imagine them caring about this


Yep. Also, devs don’t ever really read “Feature Requests and Game Feedback” threads? :thinking:

Tagging them probably won’t draw any more attention either.

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While I share your skepticism of the devs, I think we can safely say they do plan things out at least a couple months ahead. We can see spoilers on TaransWorld for this reason.

Of course, I was one of very few that was not immediately concerned when they raised max Power Level to 30 because it was clearly scaffolding for the future.

I am now slightly concerned that some Kingdoms are starting to allow for Power Level 27 (requiring Kingdom Level 18) but we still don’t have a clear way to get Books of Deeds beyond the obvious (campaign or waste 50 Deeds).

I was hoping for a new system like Factions to solve that (or at the very least, a rearrangement of Treasure Hunt rewards… that would be the easiest IMO) but still no indications we’re getting anything.

I’m not saying they don’t plan things, just that kingdom power is not an important issue to them. They make decisions based on the campaign themes and so-called ‘lore’, possibly artwork, creative whim, or whatever else, I just think power gets little if any attention

Well, that is possible - but it’s also possible it’s the reverse… or a bit of both.

We’ll never know though because they refuse to communicate to us in any meaningful way now.

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I believe the main concern here is that it will kill the Daily Offer system, especially for heavy spenders. The game still generates useful offers whenever there’s an unreachable troop task open, it entirely breaks down whenever there’s an unreachable weapon task (among others) open.

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I sort of get that, although a far better solution imo would be to fix the daily deal system rather than release a new weapon. Also I would have thought anyone who is in position to care about that would already (as I have) given up on daily deals as they are already drowning in useless kingdom helper deals from Zaejin and Maugrim Woods, plus ingot offers from kingdoms with paywalled weapons

Yes, that’s essentially what the community has been asking for years now. This thread is yet another likely futile attempt to find anybody who even remotely cares about the state of the game at Infinity Plus Two.

Those players who are aware just how broken the Daily Offer mechanism is are actually juggling their power levels to still receive useful offers. The benefit is just too huge to ignore, you lock yourself out of any reasonable futher progression once you get trapped inside the useless offer loop.

Ghulvania will be interesting, because it will trap the heavy spenders in the useless offer loop, without any way to buy out. If that causes enough of them to depart to places where their money is more appreciated Infinity Plus Two might actually start to remotely care about the state of the game.


Is it worth it? Even before I entered the event key and ingot black hole there was not much there I needed. Imperial deeds maybe, although I’m more limited by deed books. The occasional Anu medal. Other than that I’m not sure what the daily deals offer that has any meaningful impact on progression. Deeds and writs have such a miniscule impact I don’t bother with them.

Daily deals are important for progression in mid and late game sure, but by the time you’ve maxed out power on most kingdoms I’m not clear what you’d be benefiting from?

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