Ghulvania Power level

Imperial Deeds for me. I’ve bought about 20 the past weeks, I’ll need at least another 30 in the near future just to keep up. Looking at how upgrade costs scale this will be a bottleneck for decades to come, unless something changes in a very major way.

I wouldn’t buy Deeds, it’s essentially 7500 gems (plus extra crafting resources) for a Book. However, I know quite a few end-game players that do at every opportunity. As much as I’m aware offers that contain diamonds or writs also seem to be very popular.

Only if you care about progression, which tends to be a huge factor in collectible games. For kingdom power level purposes there’s just no way to keep up without appropriate daily offers, that “upgrade to level 16” task popping up everywhere is draining stockpiled resources fast. I’m somewhat fortunate that I could always keep slightly ahead so far, otherwise I wouldn’t have been offered those Imperial Deeds allowing me to keep getting offered Imperial Deeds.

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PETS! I buy all the pet offers.


I wish I got that many Imperial Deed offers. I have gotten one in months and snapped it up yesterday like a rare prize.

I get that Journeys will have them as a regular reward, but even those won’t happen more than once a month or so in the rotation. There’s got to be some sort of floodgate that opens for Imperial Deeds going forward or the endgame economy will continue to be a quagmire. I get that endgame is where the bottleneck has to be by design, but this is just not a good balance.

Daily Deals continue to be broken for players who are mid-game beyond due to the way they are structured to appear and the lack of meaningfully supplying the resources needed for endgame progression.

I have a different way of thinking about this. I’m not going to max out any Kingdom, leaving everything @ Power 20 (except Adana, because I accidentally did the challenges awhile back – I’ll lock that @ 22 by not using medals).

Until we have the ability to reach Power 30, the only thing you’re really missing out on is a bit more Tribute Chance/Reward, which consist of Gold/Glory/Souls (and in the case of Chance, maybe 1 gem per Kingdom). All of these resources can be obtained better from other places so meh.

I figure if I leave it to soft-lock on Challenges, it shouldn’t get stuck like it does on Kingdom Level 16, right?

Well, looking at this from game design perspective I firmly believe that anything that requires players to artificially hobble their progress in order to not get their progress hobbled even worse had one too many retards at the design table.

Sorry, you lose. As long as you have even a single medal task ongoing the game moves you to the useless daily offers track.

I got roughly one each year before I closed all tasks known to break the daily offer system a few months ago. I’ve been getting one to two each week ever since (including Arena offers).

Sorry, have to bump this one for @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan
One week left and now the problem is bigger than before as Ghulvania will raise to power level 27 and no one has 14 weapons!!!
Should i make a bug report beforehand?

That isn’t really a problem, there’s always going to be a task that blocks power progression, it might as well be weapons. It just shouldn’t cause the daily offer system to go all crazy on attempting so sell useless ingots instead of things players actually need.

They’ve been avoiding the daily offer issue for years now, I somehow doubt yet another bug report will make them reconsider. Knock yourself out though in case you didn’t notice their lack of any reaction whatsoever to this thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yep, i know how to block my kingdoms at certain PL, because of their silly daily deals.
and idk why i still have hope, that devs will notice somehow…maybe the same reason, why i still play this game.
but i can see a massive complaining is coming up next week and that is totally avoidable

Finally getting around to replying to this, after some thoughtful consideration.

Thank you for letting me know the folly in my plan. I try to keep up to date with all of the bugs in the game but I somehow missed that this problem happens with not medaling troops as well.

I actually stopped progress on Adana after your comment, keeping the Champ level @ 99, with 77 exp left to go. That should prevent any of these offer oddities while only costing me 1 Shield overall. I think that’s a fair trade for now.

That said, where do you think it would be safe to lock it in the future. I just spent deeds to take it to Kingdom 16, so I was thinking I could let it go to Power 24 after May 23rd’s troop? And then I just don’t trait the next troop that gets released for Adana.

Or maybe I’ll just leave it. LOL a Shield point is not that big of deal. I’ll just never be able to use Mechanist.

Aside: I am fully aware of how asinine it is that I have to halt kingdom progress to avoid the problem you guys are having, but I didn’t design the game :stuck_out_tongue: Just trying to be smart about handling it. I’m hoping the devs might read the lengths we have to go sometimes because it’s clear that they don’t know how we’re actually playing this thing.

last time to bump this one…before the riot will start :wink:

Hey, it’s not really a concern if a Power Level is blocked by a task. There will always be a cap until new content is released over time, at which point the cap increases etc. I’d be more concerned if the cap was paywalled, which I’ve double checked Ghulvania and it’s not paywalled.

Regarding the Daily Deals, we’ve been sharing all the feedback we’ve been receiving.
We can see there’s definitely room for improvement in the Daily Deals, however, as the game is a live service game with new content being released weekly and several updates a year on going, we do work on the game incrementally, it’s often not possible to do everything in one shot, so as new content is released, we do review the older systems over time. There are things in the game now that weren’t there when the Daily Deals feature was designed and released, so while we can sometimes add new things, as you’ve noticed at some point we do need to review not only Daily Deals but how all systems in the game were affected by specific new content.

This is definitely something that we’re aware of, and the CX team will continue to pass this feedback on about Daily Deals specifically but hopefully this gives more reasoning as to why the Daily Deals are currently the way they are.


Power Level 27 is capped by needing 4 pets to reach level 20 and upgrading Ghulvania to level 18.

Let’s pretend by some miracle I had 10 purple books.

… I didn’t pay to upgrade one of the 2 cosmetic pets to max and now I’m locked out. What’s the answer to that?

(and the 3rd requirement for 36 troops to level 20 is being fulfilled this Friday)


I can’t even get to level 26 unless I upgrade the final trait on Trick and Treat, which I don’t really want to do as I feel it makes the weapon weaker (just like Essence of Evil). Don’t even get me started on inflicting Lycanthropy.

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We mentioned the three silly daily deals since they exist and you did nothing about it until now.
But i’m glad to hear, that you will release two free weapons, before you will release a new troop for Ghulvania after this week…otherwise it will become paywalled.

Oof, I missed the Pets, I will bring that up to the team.


Appreciate your responses!

Especially this!

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don’t forget to also “bring up to the team” what “ANGI” wrote:

We mentioned the three silly daily deals since they exist and you did nothing about it until now.

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This is kind of an “elephant in the room” situation. Someone should probably say something.

Here’s one of the first posts giving feedback in regards to the “Kingdom Helper” offer:

That was two years ago. There has been a pile of bug reports and feedback threads ever since, at least half a dozen each year, like this one:

It’s usually getting “brought up with the team”, with nothing ever happening as a result. One would think that a “live service game” that is being “worked on incrementally” should be able to get something, or even anything done in two years. Unless your aren’t even trying.

I’ve had to write “political correct” messages like these myself, so I kind of understand the pain. For those less familiar with this particular type of communication, what is being said here is this:

Hey, we couldn’t care less about those Daily Deals, quit pestering us with feedback already. The Kingdom Helper offer is entirely server side, some quick fix change wouldn’t even have taken us an hour. If you still haven’t heard the message loud and clear after two years, this isn’t going to get worked on, ever.

I believe it would work out better if you just communicate the plain facts without embellishments, that Daily Deals are set in stone and will stay as they are, no matter the feedback. There obviously would be some grumbling, because from community perspective the requested changes are very reasonable. However, in the long run this would save the community the effort to write further feedback on the topic and you the effort to write something suggesting the feedback mattered in any way.


Indeed, that is also what I suspect and why I say they are showing contempt for their players. I only respect open and honest communication. You’re really not going to save your bottom line by being obtuse.

If you’re not going to fix something, just say it, so we can help explain it to the next player that comes here with a bug report. I’ve participated in many gaming communities over the decades and been a moderator, so I know exactly how this goes.