Almost half way to 2020, some feedback please?

No one has spoken to us regarding whatever we suggested or requested. (but I’m still posting this lol)
Been looking at a lot of good suggestions about the game here, but the devs refuse to give us any feedback. From what I’ve heard that the soulforge update was an ancient topic, and they told us they’ve been planning for it years ago.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally don’t see any bad side of bringing the old weapons back in the soulforge for weekly rotation. I don’t even understand why they didn’t make this feature in the first place, and it is unfair for new players who already missed those good weapons.
People complain about rope darts, dragon eyes, and before that we got Divine protector, earth fury and so on. But what if everybody has what everybody has? Then they will be like " oh hey! I fight this and that weapon all day long, is there any variations of new combinations or strategies?" Ok, look at the pvp right now, so enjoyable uh? lol

I can see the developer is trying to make new things and playable content for us in the past, but what we really wanted to see is variations, creativity. The core of this game, the most enjoyable element about this game is when you try out and set up different combinations of the troops or weapons you have, to fight different players or events. Having one team or few teams dominant the PVP or certain event is hard to avoid due to the limitation of Single troop variation. But what if we could have different same troop? Runes, troops’ equipment, and whatever they can think of, can change the boring stage of the game significantly. Let’s say we could have two different infernus, one is focused on magic dmg(with the magic equipment, or runes that +magic xx%), or another focused on taking dmg(rune that -dmg from skulls by xx%, - spell dmg taken by xx%.) or two different mountain crushers (rune or whatever that explode brown gems), and another (explode any other color.) I’m not saying all of these are suitable to the stage of this game, but it’s just a path maybe they can think about, and cut down the population of dwarves, thieves, and queens of blah blahs a little.

I feel like all the weapons that the devs had released for a week was a 1 week only thing, meaning you may not be able to get them in the future lol, or you wait for 1-3 month for the next rolling back.
Please, spend more time on balancing, or reworking on some of the old troops and weapons. No matter how many more “deal xx dmg and create xx gems for each xx unit you have” weapons, or chat window UI, new setting UI, changes you make, the core problem remains.

I expected a lot from this game, and I still do.


The fact that Soulforge has existed for a year and provides an easy solution to a frequently requested feature is completely ridiculous.

The devs are out of touch with their community and the player base. They spend time implementing emojis, portraits, titles, and an updated UI that is unintuitive and useless (the “steal” mechanic is still broken, btw) and disregard their players requests for a way to acquire weapons they missed.

It really is frustrating and to the point of being laughable. Unfortunately, I’ve been in the same guild for years and have made enough friends to keep me playing this game. However, I do so under protest! lol. I am definitely not spending any more money unless the devs decide to start listening to the players.

What is still broken? Care to elaborate?

I agree.
I have seen those posts, and I have made a few of them on my own.
All that we got, were some promises. So far, nothing happened.
This almost feels like a fool’s errand.

Funny thing is that they refuse or defend the argument that giving a certain weapon for $5 would be ‘P2W’ for them, and unfair to others.

If we don’t get this in the 4.4 update, I’ll probably just give up and delete the game.

Hot take: the forums are out of touch with the kind of customer the devs want or need.

The forums are a bunch of people who want to pay like, $30 for a game that provides years of fair, challenging, competitive play.

The devs are seeking people who want to pay $5-10/week for a game that gives them easily-produced new content for years of posting emoji in a chat room.

We didn’t realize it, but all along the devs really wanted to implement a chat client. The gem matching game was just a trick, a way to generate enough revenue that they could spend 4+ years writing a chat client. Now, they’ve finally got the revenue to accomplish their dreams. But forums sort of cannibalize the chat client. They don’t want people talking on something they didn’t write. So it’s not the way to get the devs’ attention anymore.

I propose, from now on, we post bug reports in global chat.

@slypenslyde I understand that you are frustrated, but I do believe that what you have said is unfair and unkind. :frowning:

We have demonstrated several times in the past that we listen to feedback and implement it in game. This has come in the form of various nerfs (or buffs!) the removal of Dawnbringer from Arena, changes to GW bracket scoring to allow guilds to more quickly climb ranks, the removal of the gem fee to change hero classes (which we also rolled into a feature that let players assign hero classes to teams) alongside numerous Quality of Life Improvements and bug fixes. We are also looking into more issues that our community has raised, and are either brainstorming solutions, or trying to find updates to roll our fixes and changes into.

Gems of War is never going to please everyone, because each of our players enjoys different aspects of the game. Also, we are entitled to creating a game that we enjoy, and that matches our creative vision and future plans. We cannot act on all the feedback we receive, because a lot of it clashes and would make the game either severely unbalanced or completely unplayable. Other suggestions would skew the economy in such a way that the game would be unable to continue, and Gems of War would cease to exist.

We want to make you happy, but we also understand that we cannot make everyone happy. The reality is this… Gems of War is continuing to grow, and is played by more people than ever before. We must find a way to balance the needs and enjoyment of all players, whether early, mid or late game. (And trust me, this is no easy task.)

In regards to the chat update, it’s something that we had wanted to do for a long time. This is partly because the old chat was very buggy, which many players fairly complained about. The best way forward was to build a chat client that we had complete control over. Then, since we were building a new feature, we felt it best to offer players something new with it, and take full advantage of the time and effort that were already going to be expended for its creation.

Some of our players love the new chat, and had been asking for things like portraits and emojis for years! Others don’t, and wish that we had invested our development time into new features, or further fixes. All of these opinions are valid, and at the end of the day we made the call to do the social update we had been dreaming of for quite some time.

So in short, yes we do listen to players, but we can’t listen to players about everything. We must triage a myriad of opinions, and then decide how to move forward. On top of this, we also have our own creative vision and goals for Gems of War, and need to take our own wants and needs into account as well as those expressed by each section of our playerbase.

Salty out.


Sorry, I meant gold steal. Given that Blackhawk is the kingdom of the week this is more relevant than ever, I believe. We finally have a way to see enemy gold and can confirm that sometimes the correct amount of gold is stolen and other times just some random amount of gold is stolen. I haven’t tested extensively, but @Tacet has demonstrated in his videos the mechanic is “some what fixed”.

Regarding the weapon wishing, I strongly agree with your point of view, but regarding the chat system, I still feel that the official improvement is very good. At least our 600 channel chat is much better than before. I used to chat very few people. It looks like the window of the sky looks much better.


You got me. The post doesn’t look as funny as it did when I made it and I feel bad that I posted it. It’s the kind of thing I should’ve thought harder about before posting, and I can’t take back that I did it. All I can really do is try to keep a promise that I’ll try not to be so nasty again.


Honestly super impressed with this post.

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Gems of War is only made to please the investors/shareholders, not the players.
Otherwise, it’s true, you can’t have perfection. It doesn’t exist in our plane, unless we live in a fantasy.