Old Weapons update?

Can we get an update about what you are doing for the “old weapons” problem? I mean that newer players don’t have access to them leaving them at huge disadvantage compared to older players.

Unless you think that the game can survive with the old pool of players you need to address this asap, instead of putting emoticons in chat.


Bump. Even though there are a dozen threads like this.

I’m missing one weapon, and its lousy and I’ll probably never use it, and it still annoys me. Can only imagine what its like for people missing lots of good ones.


Im missing 4 and exact same as you lol.

As someone who helps newer players in the alliance, it limits a lot of the teams they can make for guild events or in GW. Or even simple things like delves.

It is a massive handicap for them.

I understand from the Dev Q&A that it will be addressed with a soulforge update most likely, and that it needs to address both old and future weapons.

But it would be nice if players had an input, or at least an update like hey guys, we are thinking of X.

Or even, we are looking at getting it done this year, but have to sort out X and Y 1st. Will keep you updated.

Although I dont expect either, it would be nice to get

I’m only missing 3 including an epic from Glacial Peaks. I can’t tell you how pissed I was they put up a different one in the store this week. :roll_eyes: Who knows how long I have to wait for mine to show up.

Mir fehlen auch ein paar Waffen,ich würde mich freuen wenn man sie noch bekommen könnte ,da müsste man die Entwickler nett fragen vielleicht klappt es :smiley::smiley: