We need Yasmine's Pride!!!

Can the store sell Yasmine’s Pride next week? Players who play late need this weapon very much! ! !Please give some hope! ! !

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We also need Earth’s Fury, Trickster Shot and many of the past event weapons that are not obtainable right now.
Pride alone does not inspire hope!


We do need all the older weapons. Hopefully next update they have something to do about it

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I asked about this several times as it’s incredibly frustrating, even more to the new players.
This is my biggest gripe with this game.

@Kafka confirmed that this is currently not under active development, but it’s on to-do list, so nothing has been done yet so far, not even how it will be executed.

I wrote several suggestions and possible options on how to implement this, but I have a feeling that pretty much everything else is on a higher priority than this, sadly.

I say that this could be done somewhere in the future, but with a grain of salt.

It could be a year from now, two, or maybe never, especially because this request has been known for a long time.

I have learned that promises are often not kept, they are just given.


I totally agree that weapons should be made available to those who missed them when they were released. Yasmines Pride is probably the strongest weapon in delves and doom. Those who don’t have it are at a significant disadvantage, especially now that dragon eye has been ruined. We can forge troops we didnt get, the same should apply to weapons. Implementing this feature is already long overdue.


Been asking since before crescendo. They finally sold those and i got one for me and one for a retired guildie and that was the last i heard of easy ways to get weapons.

(albeit, it was a real money purchase–it was the most amazing thing in the pre-manaburn universe. 1x speed Hhahahaha)


Soulforge should be the place, same as troops. The publishers can still generate revenue because forge gobbles up resources and I am sure that players will buy souls, gems or whatever enabling them to get the stuff they need. Its a win/win.


Well, if it would be that easy, they would have done it already. It’s literally a minor change of adding more units. Apparently, it’s more complicated than a rocket launch.


Always remember that this is a game where the devs absolutely insisted that changing the number “50” to the number “1” could have utterly broken the entire game beyond their ability to fix it.

I don’t know why the created an entire game system that lets you craft weapons, then didn’t put craftable weapons into it and instead said that they’re “trying to figure out” how add weapons to the game, but…that’s where we’ve been for ever and I don’t foresee old weapons ever coming back at this point.


Oh no, those weapons that we can’t get. Are all craft able during their event time. Yasmine’s Pride was once upon a time in the soul forge for a week. It’s not a coding issue. It’s a publisher issue. When the devs say they can’t, most of the time it isn’t because they literally can’t… Rather they aren’t allowed to do it. But they never throw 505 under the bus or blame them for any of the bull shit. They just say, yeah we get that it’s an issue, we agree something should be done…“we’re looking into it” - meaning… They are waiting for 505 to give them permission to let these weapons be available more often.


I’m not sure how it works in software development, but I suspect throwing your employer under the bus, especially in public, is probably not the best way to ensure your continued job security.

This is a major reason I’m so careful to blame 505, not IP2, for stuff like this. IP2s job is to do what they’re told and cheerfully promote the game, so they do that.

We know they’re excited about the game - we can tell that from the posts/streams/etc - but we have no idea how much internal disagreement goes on, or how much it really sucks to have to post something like “we CAN’T change the class-change cost, because reasons” knowing that the ire of the community is going to land squarely at their feet by virtue of being the messenger.

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We have raised a lot of times this issue and the devs refuse to address/communicate it. I have stopped supporting the game financially until they do and I am considering abandoning it altogether. This design decision is so stupid I have difficulty putting it in words…


Does 505 ever come here and talk to players?

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We used to have VirginiaAppleJack who came and occasionally engaged with us but since she left i haven’t seen anyone from 505.

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This is not a difficult coding issue in the slightest. New mythics are released monthly, and soon afterwards, they will appear as craftable troops in forge. The availability of each mythic troop (apart from zuul and xathenos) within forge will have a reduced frequency as the number of mythics increases. Coding is thus in place to facilitate this as new troops are introduced. The concept is very similar if the devs choose to make all weapons forgeable on a similar rotational basis. Event weapons appear in forge in the weeks they are introduced so adding weapons to soulforge is not a complicated issue. Players should not be penalised because they are new to the game; as it stands, there is no way for them to build some of the strongest hero weapon based teams in the game. When mythics are released we throw our keys and glory at them hoping to get lucky. If we don’t we build a diamond stash ready for them to appear which makes absolute sense. Some will buy diamonds and/or sacrifice gems in the dungeon offer to boost the stash so there is a chance that there will be decent economic gain for 505 as a result. Adding event weapons to forge would increase this margin for sure. So where’s the sense in not doing it? I’ve missed some good weapons whilst away on holiday and I would rather forge them than most of the mythics i am missing. It all seems like smokescreens and mirrors as far as the excuses we hear for not doing certain things that we feel would benefit the game.


The difficulty in coding doesn’t matter.

505 finding this issue important enough to address, and giving the devs approval to address it, is literally all that matters…and since 505 doesn’t communicate with us directly…yeah.

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You might be able to reach out to 505:

There’s a 505 rep on the GoW community server (Gems of War Community) but I don’t think they’re active there (a search for messages from them yields no results).

From what I’ve heard, all proposals by the IP2 team to make significant changes or introduce new features, etc. need to be submitted to 505 for approval and be backed up by hard data showing it makes financial sense. I can probably find a mention of this by Salty on one of the streams.

I think IP2 work hard and push themselves double-time to bring out the mini-updates in between the major ones that include quality of life fixes, etc. (like 4.3.5), that aren’t easy to prove will be profitable. So if that’s the case, then good on them, although it’s still a shitty situation.

My personal take is that GoW didn’t become a successful game by submitting updates like this, and IP2 need to go back to being able to take risks and do what they think is best for the game.

At the same time, while it might seem to make sense to blame it all on the publishers, I think it’s worth keeping in mind that IP2 have decided to partner up with 505; they have expressed that they’re happy with this relationship, and are given a large amount of freedom in developing the game; and they have acknowledged the need for a game (GoW) to make money (I mean, duh, I guess), and that they decided to go with a gacha model because it’s been shown to be a reliable financial model for this type of game. At some point, we have to take them at their word and acknowledge their part in it, too :stuck_out_tongue:.

I honestly have no idea what the plans are for GoW, as much as we can speculate, which is enough of a problem in itself for me.


I think this is a very simple matter.we need the weapons,and they can earning income ,that‘s all’


I agree Elisa, if players are going to need more resources to acquire the weapons they want, and the troops they want, then its obvious that this is a potential money spinner. You don’t need hard data to sell the idea because its obvious. Anyway, how can hard data be provided, its not available? Sounds like a bunch of control freaks with no business acumen whatsoever. The best data probably available is increase in revenue in faction events due to potions tempting players to go crazy in order to get the achievement and Max the pet. Regular delves and doom need specific weapons that there is a market for and they are too blind to see it. Lunacy.

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Only 20 minutes! I want Yasmine’s Price!!!

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