Will any of the former Raid,or Invasion weapons be craftable?

If a player was absent from the game or missed out on getting a hero weapon from past Raids or Invasion will they ever be seen again in the soul forge again or possibly obtained by some other means?


This times 100,000,000… I’m looking at you Divine Protector


One of the devs said old weapons will be obtainable in the future. They gave no indication on how they’re going to be gotten though.

Yeah,I mean, They should be in the souldforge,and craftable after events in case someone was absent that week,or didn’t obtain the weapon for some other reason. Just makes sense to me.


Okay so this needs to happen now. It’s completely unfair that the developers buffed the divine protector ,and the other event weapons only after the week it was available so so if you passed on getting them then there’s no way to get them now. If you’re gonna make changes to weapons that were in past events making them the most over powered weapons in the game at least make them available through some other means. I know a majority of players agree with me. Haven’t heard anything about this from the devs,and whether they’ll make this happen asap,just speculations from Tacet and other players but I want a confirmation.

I always get stuff just in case its better later


We need a weekly selection on rotation in soulforge just like troops.

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Rule of thumb always get something just in case you never know when it will be useful.


Likewise, it pays to plan ahead :+1:

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Chances are they’re just going to sell them in the shop. Afterall, it’s not like they haven’t sold weapons in there before.

They also need to start bring back old common and rare weapons. I’m stuck at 4* for a lot of kingdoms on my other account because it takes forever to upgrade epic, legendary and mythic weapons. Even rare weapons are an issue I currently have 3 kingdoms stuck at 4* because I have no rare ingots and I used all my commons to craft rare ones.

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There really does need to be the ability to forge old weapons in the shop! Many of the past weapons I couldn’t see the need for at the time but now that we are using so many specialized teams for the different event teams they are really needed but there is no way to get them.