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Craftable weapons

Apologies if this has been mooted before, but will we ever get the chance to craft any weapons previously on sale? Looking through the whole list there are various weapons I’ve missed out on & I’d like the chance to be able to craft them. I can’t be alone in this (hopefully) as the completionist part of me is eager to get them all :grin:


You’re not alone in that. And hereby I support you in your Q.


I’m guessing we may be allowed to purchase them again at a later time, like what just happened with Divine Protector. I can’t see them having the be craftable when they were only for sale previously. That would be seen as unfair to the people who paid.


But I’m talking about the weapons that were released over a year ago. Admittedly people who bought them may be annoyed, but they will have had all that time to use them if they desired. That’s like moaning someone has received a game on xbox gold or PS+ for free a year after release!
Even if they got rotated through raids & invasions or kingdom events I’d be happy to spend gems on them rather than new weapons that have been thought up specially for those events.

People are PAYING for them, why would they offer them up for free?

Perhaps once diamonds can be purchased with cash. :smiley:

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Or they could re-release them in the shop and you could spend money on them. I’m sure the completionist part of you sees the value in supporting the game.

They could, but the older stuff doesn’t seem to be re-released. I do support the game, I’m vip5 - my point is they seem too busy thinking up new weapons with each event…

i dont care if i payd 5$ for divine protector,it was a fair price,but the last weeks weapon witch was a epic one i shore dont pay 5$ for that and the rest of the weapons i missed 2 3 years ago.Lets convince the devs to make thouse weapons craftable at least and let the legendarys for pay to get…

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‘loot boxes the cause of and solution to all life problems’. Here is a simple RNG Solution / store option

@Saltypatra please suggest an “unearthed weapon pack” that gives the player one random UNOWNED weapon. Mythics can be excluded if need be.

I think it might work because players won’t be 100% happy with RNG :wink:

No please… I don’t think we need another sort of resource sink/chest in this sense… I would like to acquire missing weapons too, but another chest to make us angry with a bunch of souls, gold and traitstones while we try to get a new weapon… :persevere:

Not proposing a mini game “Resource” sink. But a REAL money transaction. Similar to the $5 weapon, but it would give you something you DON’T have.

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loot boxes are more cancer than how the game works so far.And there is no Mythic weapon that you cant get without cash.

“There is no mythic weapon that you cant get without cash”
Too many negatives here…
Did you mean that All mythic weapons are available without using cash?
Cause “technically” you can buy the class weapons, as a shortcut.

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yes all mythic weapons are available without using cash,no one is forcing you to buy the class weapons,Just lvl up your classes and you get the weapon for free.DB is a ,hard work to get" weapon but anyone can get it eventually.

Never said that you were forced to buy the class weapons, i simply pointed out that you could buy them via gems, which can be brought via money…

its a 2 way option for those weapons,the main point of this discussion are the event weapons that you must pay to get ,only"…

That “point” you speak of…
Wasnt these “IRl money only” weapons initially in the shops for gems?
Guess thats a 2 way option, get them while they’re in raid/invasion shops/soulforge, or use IRl money…
i was just pointing out that there are some mythics you can buy with IRL money (through buying gems)

Its not my fault i didn’t find out about this game 2 years ago when they released the first event weapons.

If you want to keep arguing about it, feel free to argue with yourself, at least that way, no matter what happens, you can always claim you’ve won the argument…
Anyway, back to the discussion: I was just making a point…

All weapons that you can buy with IRL money was in the game at some point: some recently, some not so recently.
Most of the old weapons aren’t worth it, and the vaulable 1s were probably within the past 6 months.

Besides divine protector i dont see any usefull event weapon,i’m not ok with the ideea of paying 5$ for each of them(specialy the epic ones).I’m not saying they must release them for free but at least a decent price for what this weapons can do.