Lets talk weapon acquiring

So back before the weapons were again added to the shop, a lot of us asked for their return so we can complete our collections.
I know i wont use most of the weapons im missing (probably none), id still like to have them all.
But theres a catch. Weapons are only up for and i am not able to spend anything on any game. I dont have a credit card (not a popular thing in my country) and besides im too poor to be able to speend much money anyway. While the price of 5 a piece of weapon is not much at all, i cant even spend that much since i have no ways to do so.
I would love to see weapons also being available for glory (and also gems). They once were up for glory, and at that time glory wasnt flowing in like in the present game state, so i had to miss a few weeks because i was simply short on glory.
Putting a price of 10.000 (20k?)glory per weapon piece or/and 300 gems per weapon piece, would make it accessible even to those of us who cant spend money on the game (sadly, and if im ever able, i will just to show my gratitude, not because i would need something).
The prices i suggest are low at all and 5$ would still be the best bet, but it would just be an alternative method for a few people like me, to get a chance of getting their full collection.


I’d like to see alternative methods of obtaining weapons as well (I personally just need Crescendo, but I know other people want more than that). However, I think Sirrian said something before about having difficulties getting said methods approved by the game’s publishers or something

Yeah I wish they would implement this. I’m missing plenty of weapons.

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Sorry to say it, but it looks for me like the Devs have made up their mind about this 2 months ago or so, by making the old weapons available for money only. I have buyed every weapon since it started. I would’nt be upset if the old weapons became available for other resources than RL money in the future, but it would had felt a little strange towards those who purchased them, if they decided to - to be honest.

Weapons and mythics both - I wish old exclusives would come back around again

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