[Not a Bug] Several weapons missing in Soulforge

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I was expecting past Stormheim event weapons to be available for crafting. At least Doomed Wand and Ginormous Cleaver are missing, possibly more.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since the 6.1 update, maybe the weapon rotation got broken with the Soulforge rework?


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I looked into this and it’s not a bug. Any event weapon released within the last 90 days will not appear in the Soulforge for a kingdom.

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Since when was that ever a thing?

Shouldn’t that have been in some patch notes at some point? :thinking:

Hopefully that means Natura’s Star will be present next time Nexus is featured (and that it only wasn’t thus far because 90 days hadn’t gone by yet)…? :crossed_fingers:


true i dont recall reading anything related to that before

Lol … This was never “official”.
Prior to Nexus the kingdom event weeks just so happened to be long enough apart that the weapons released could be craft able for the most part.

There were a few occasions that a campaign weapon or Invasion/Raid weapon would come out and within 30 days not be in the forge.

So then they started 6 weeks later rule. (Due to the campaign).

But now it’s 90 days due to the Kingdom pass troops/weapons being exclusive for 3 months.

They are literally making the rules up as they go along to service their bottom line instead of the customers and players.

Prior to 4.7 GoW peaked. And it’s gone down hill ever since. Now they are just trying to squeeze every last cent they can before the game isn’t profitable enough to maintain.

Or in other words “all Infinity Plus 2 servers turn off within 10 years of a game being released” so it’s standard data. Duh.