When will soulforge be updated?

More specifically when will a new craftable mythic weapon be available?k

i dont know about new weapons. but it would be cool to use the soulforge to reforge weapon upgrades.

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The devs have been steadfastly either ignoring this question or not giving anything more than “we’re looking into it” since pretty much the moment the Soulforge was added. Sorry.

Unfortunately, I kinda feel like the devs have stepped so far back from the community that you’re never going to see this.

Soul forge needs urgent reformulation, reduces mythic 4 k diamonds to 3,500, reduce the soul price of dawnbringer, 1 Million and 300 hundreads souls? Do i give up my life or my wallet First? And add old wepons to be weekly craftable.

I understand that grinding dawn bringer is a nightmare but many have endured the pain to earn it…so a reduced cost is unlikely I imagine. Anyway, sentinel class is a good alternative in the meantime with any weapon you have in your arsenal. But making old event weapons available at times within forge is a sound idea, and may well increase revenue for the devs due to increased diamond expenditure leaving a shortfall.

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