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Soulforge recipe to remove upgrades from weapons


I would like to se a soulforge recipe/mode to remove upgrades from a weapon, I mean all upgrades not just specific ones.
Some weapon upgrades just make them useless, like hex on EoE or the bonestorm on Secrets of the Crypt.
Sometimes the upgrades are not bad but for a specific situation it would be better if it could be turned of. For example my Withering Touch is kept on lvl6 cause I didn’t want the doomskull creating trait on Khetar week, I would have been suicide.
Other benefit would be that we could use those accumulated useless ingots to tweak weapons to the situation.
This recipe should cost souls, since that’s the other accumulated useless resource + maybe some other resources, gems, deed, treasure troops, etc. Just make it happen.

Thank You


No, just no. This would mess up various other progression related parts of the game, like daily offers and kingdom power tasks for fully upgraded weapons. There’s really a far better, far more reasonable and far more flexible solution for this. Allow us to toggle the upgrades on/off once they have been purchased, similar to class talents.


In my ideal world, they’d yank out the entire weapon upgrade system and add a number of medal slots to weapons instead (0 to N, based on rarity). They’d have to convert some weapon upgrades to medals and add more medal variety in general.

I agree, that would be the perfect solution, however I want a quick solution.
Configurable traits/upgrades require a significant amount of development and according to how often new bugs appear I am sure it would be buggy as hell. A simple weapon reset is much easier.
Also I don’t understand what other progression related stuff are you talking about. Can you give some examples how this would mess up progression?
Kingdom power level is fixed, if you reached once you can loose the requirements, see the Bandit trait fiasco. Those who left Bandit untraited after the refund haven’t lost power level. Probably this would be the case with upgraded weapons too.
If you still get useless ingot offer why does it matter which weapon causes that? I admit I feel cheated too when I get a useless offer, but daily offers are bonus on top the normal progression, if you don’t like the daily offer don’t buy it. If you get useless offers every day, congrats you are out of the grind, you don’t need them any more.

“Progression” in Gems of War is designed to move only into one direction, forward. There are various counters that increase based on what you are doing, e.g. the number of team slots you own. It’s likely that the more complex counters don’t get calculated on the fly. To save performance they could just be increased by some delta based on conditions reached, which would take a huge effort to reverse. One is the hidden account power score used in various places, it also seems to include highest weapon upgrade reached.

You can’t lose requirements that you have passed, by moving on to the next power level. The situation is likely a little more complicated with requirements you are currently working on. I’m really not sure how the current coding would react if you have a weapon upgrade task marked as complete, then no longer qualify due to a downgraded weapon. This is passing the threshold in reverse direction, there won’t be any trigger for this because it’s ruled out by design. Maybe the checkmark disappears whenever the game server reboots and recalculates runtime counters?

They would first have to add some kind of navigation interface to the soulforge, to allow you to select the weapon you want to downgrade. That’s very much different to how soulforge navigation currently works, meaning it’s not just a lot of work, you’d probably also have to threaten the lead designer with bodily harm to even get them to listen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It could be implemented as an item which is can be crafted in soulforge and can be used on the weapon upgrade interface. Needs one more button, woohooo.

Since requirements are constantly monitored, and you get the power level increase immediately as you complete the requirement I am sure your “hidden magic score” is recalculated every time. Only fully upgraded weapons count, so they monitor when you upgrade a weapon to the max, and the client sends a notification xy upgraded z weapon to max. It just needs a new notification: xy reset z weapon. In the background the power score calculation runs again. I am sure that somebody upgrades weapon to the max, but when did you do that the last time? Maybe I upgrade a weapon per week, downgrading would be even less frequent.
I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen the source code yet, and I am not sure I want to, but anything else is just assumption.
Our “duty” is to give ideas to the devs about what we want, let the implementation to them.