This feels like a no brainer... alas

If a player needs ingots then the system should check their stash or Kingdom level requirements.

(Take my word that I’m max Kingdom starred)

Instead it checks to see if weapons are upgraded.

I forgot to upgrade some of the weapons I’ll never use so I was saddled with the useless ingot offer.

These offers should represent something tangible to help my game play. Not come as an indicator that I forgot to jump through one of the daily 30 Gems of War hoops just to enjoy the game.


Thanks to another thread I see the real issue now. The system is checking the right stuff. Just unfortunately it’s not designed very well. :frowning:

I’m currently Pay for play gated. I guess my VIP 12ness didn’t invest in the “right” resources.

We were so worried about Pets causing this issue, that we didn’t even consider weapons blocking progression. (Or at least I didn’t.)
And though it’s not possible to get to 24 stars in Ghulvania. The unintelligently designed system will offer useless ingots until I’m able to.

Ask me how many times I’ve been given a flash offer for that weapon though.

Spoiler alert



Wait until you get enough of your weapons upgraded to 10 and start getting event key kingdom helper offers because your not at KP 16…That’s where I am at.


Even Pridelands?

Me too an end gamer and gets ingot daily. This is so because I forgot to upgrade the weapon: doomed scythe.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

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You need to wait for the next Ghulvania week to buy that weapon. So in <34 weeks… I don’t think they show in the flash offers.

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I do agree the offers should represent your level of development if for no other reason then to entice the customer spend their hard earn money and resources. That being said it’s not a big pet peg for me just a missed opportunity

According to Taransworld, there will be a new Ghulvania weapon releasing on August 20 for that weekend’s Raid Boss event. So just 10 more days. But I agree 1000% that ingot offers are stupid when you already have thousands of every ingot type, and so needs to be fixed.


I have a similar issue. I´m playing on switch and need just an additional weapon to upgrade blackhawk to level 12, but I get those ingot offers since as well for blackhawk.

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I don’t think the arena is good enough to endure even more shitty offers on top of the normal ones.

And if I’m not getting a decent offer, then why do the arena at all?

(Question is for the devs so they put 10% more thought into what they do.)

What’s with Pridelands? @Fleg

I’m sure he is asking about fully traiting Bandit for the extra kingdom star.

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Oh thanks for the info @Madd_Hurricane, so just 10 more days of ingot offers. @awryan same here no Arena for sometime. The game has no other idea except ingots