Kingdom offers still broken after 7.0

Today’s offer

My current kingdom requirements

Therefore I’m being trolled because my vip 13 status doesn’t save me from the greed of 505 Games wanting me to buy this useless weapon

And unlike souls or traitstones, the game “can’t” check my ingot supply

So the fix is not even offer ingots at all until folks can learn to program a game.

But at this point I have to imagine these useless offers are working as intended after existing for years and support staff saying these are a bug that needs to be fixed. Then nothing happening despite promises being made. That was a year ago. I first reported these bugs 3+ years ago.


And they always will be. It’s never going to be fixed.

You’ll just get the same vague answer about it being looked into and that they are aware of it, but nothing will ever actually be done. Its probably yet another outdated module of the game that has fulfilled its original purpose and no longer generates the revenue it used to.

Instead the focus is on creating yet another new limited use resource to be a gem sink that after 6 months will die down and eventually become useless just like so many others so instead of creating more content that uses those resources, they’ll create yet another limited use resource and the cycle repeats.


It’s been a year since this message. NOTHING has changed. Devs tend to fix what isn’t broken and ignore what really is.