Ingot offer for Gulvania

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I get ingot offers even if I have all weapons of the kingdom all upgraded

I get every day at least 1 offer for ingot even if not needed


Thank you for this post. It’s a cautionary tale that helped me decided not to waste precious magic books on a life Kingdom.

The offers system was almost as badly coded as guild wars is. (almost)


So people, you have a choice: Don’t upgrade to 27 & have an offer that does nothing to advance Ghulvania, OR, upgrade to 27, and have an offer that does nothing to advance Ghulvania.
Thanks for the near daily reminder of how screwed up the “offers” are that we get.


Stop here. Saves you a lot of trouble.

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This is old news. We mentioned this multiple times over the past 1-2 years. You get kingdom offers, pet offers, and ingot offers for certain upgrades, which endgamers don’t need. Thats why I havent upgraded Maugrim Woods or Ghulvania to 18 yet and will hold off until they choose to fix it.

TLDR: “Don’t progress your game in a progressive game”.

Why have progressive systems if you design the systems in such way that the player can’t progress with the mechanics you give them to …uhh… progress?
Giving them daily reminders about how broken the design is is just an icing on the cake.

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It’s actually: Don’t upgrade to 27 and keep getting offers that help your account OR upgrade to 27 and keep getting ingot offers instead from now on.

There really isn’t any way players can hope to dig themselves out of this particular hole once they’ve fallen into it. Taking the paywalled weapon into account Maugrim Woods would need two additional weapons to return to useful daily offers. Which means we are probably talking about a year or two of forced daily ingot offers. Somebody at Infinity Plus Two sure seems to hate players a lot to trash the game reward loop like this.

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So they are punishing us for the progress in power levels and when upgrade some weapons or max delves.

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