How to Play Gems of War

DON’T upgrade your kingdom to level 26 because there’s not enough Book of Nature and Book of Magic to fulfill a requirement for level 27. (by design)
The monkeys paw effect is that you will be plagued with useless kingdom offers that will NOT help you reach level 27 for the kingdoms. (by design as well?)

Well it depends on which dev you ask on which day. Sometimes they own up to it and admit the current design makes zero sense for offers. Other days they argue until they are blue in the face. Either way resulting in zero effort to remedy the issue besides false claims that they “fixed” it with an update.

*I’ll be traiting the new Journey troop and not the glory troop to avoid being spammed with more useless offers than I need to.


Agree, just stay below power level 26 for now. Ghulvania, Zaejin, and Maugrim woods are all life kingdoms anyway.

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I honestly stopped caring. I’ve been plagued with useless offers for so long (ingots, mainly), what’s one more?

Whoever came up with some of the offers has lost touch with the game.

Wouldn’t you ideally want to make people need the offers so they spend gems? But maybe not… Though if not, why even add those offers to the game?


Exactly my view. Stopping daily deals from becoming useless is just too hard. I just scan daily deals for Anu medals and Imperial deeds and otherwise have written them off

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