And so it begins...Stupid Kingdom Helper offers for everyone!

For the first time ever as an end-end gamer. I don’t have max kingdom power because I don’t have 10 green books to spare to lv Maugrim Woods to 18. So now I’m going to get these stupid useless “kingdom helper” offers every day. How exactly does an event key help me get 10 green books?

Please remove “kingdom helper” offers from the pool of possible offers.


Also ingot offers when missing weapons and common or rare troops when missing elite levels. Come on devs, this is one of the most common requests, can it really be that hard to do?


Yep, I also got one on day 1. Not looking forward to that offer spot being useless for months.

If you can’t recode daily offers, please just remove the kingdom helper offer as Fleg suggested.


This useless kingdom helper offer up for me too today. My friend is also fed up with ingot offers. Troop offers can be very helpful though.

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Fleg is absolutely right. Please, remove kingdom helper offer.
No one would ever buy it, and here’s why:
a) Keys in this offer cost more than opening event chests
b) Endgamers (only they can reach PL27) already have almost all troops and a huge stash of event keys. There’s simply no need to buy more.
c) More personal reason is that I find this offer insulting. I feel like I’m being punished for upgrading my kingdoms


Absolutely beyond a doubt THIS.
Exactly what I was alluding to in my own post about this matter.


Yep I think what the devs don’t get is every one annoys people, it’s not just irrelevant it is a bunch of slaps to the face

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I asked about this the other day, and apparently it’s been asked before, and the devs have indicated that they don’t plan to change anything, no doubt with the hope that people will get frustrated and spend money to get the necessary deed books.

But let’s try some math.

With up to five (free) gem deals a day, four of them potentially kingdom helpers, and with extra deeds and books from the adventure board and (free) campaign rewards, maybe – just maybe – you could average 10 deeds a day. I try to do at least one arena run each day, and I’m not averaging anywhere near this, but let’s suppose it’s possible. That means you could end up with 3000 deeds a year, or about 500 deeds of each color each year.

It takes 600 deeds to get a kingdom to 18, which is where people are stuck now, and 1500 deeds to get to 20. So it’ll take people over two years to get Maugrim Woods and Zaejin to 18, if they manage to maintain an unlikely deed rate, and if they avoid spending money. It’ll take people over 15 years to max out all of the kingdoms, under the same conditions.

In other words, if people are willing to pay money, then they’ll still pay for deeds and books and campaign passes, whether the kingdom helper deal offers deeds or not. The gem deals are just a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed, and so forcing crappy deals on players is only going to annoy them with no real benefit.


That single green key is really going to shoot your gems of war team to new levels…

I can’t help at laugh giving a late game player a single green key as an offer…


10 Deeds per day is not remotely possible and has not been historically, not even remotely close.

Getting all kingdoms to L15 took about 18 months and no-one had beyond 60% to L15 before 12 months, even with buying everything.

This month so far we have had 4 Red Fire deeds and nothing else from AB.

I reckon the best you will get is around 3-4/day on average, and that’s stretching it. Maybe with more paid passes, you might winkle some more at some points, but overall that’s probably where we are at. You will also be worried about your gem resources to maintain everything.

From my PoV I stopped Arena on Jan 1 and do not regret it at all. My time is better served enjoying what I can, rather than forcing me to do what I’ve not enjoyed. I’m near 2k Cursed Runes and spent some.

Don’t forget, new soul forge scrolls and weapon recipes include writs, so they will not grow like previously, as people weigh up using them vs multiples of 500 gems every time the right ToD comes around. I spent some writs on getting red Doomed Opus to L10 recently.

Buying books doesn’t happen that often too. People have obviously been buying campaign passes and journey/hero passes, but the offers for individual books for cash are on the grand larceny scale, as many pointed out.

I was concentrating on just purple kingdoms to 20 for the magic bonuses, but the problem comes with upgrading none magic purple kingdoms - Ghulvania springs to mind, and has needed me to up from 15-16 for months. I chose not to, so I maybe at some point during 2022 it might be possible to get 1 magic kingdom to L20, if everything is invested into either Darkstone or Blighted Lands, but probably won’t happen.

So, the helper will be here to stay, as you mention, but it ultimately could become an own goal as more players quit over illogical pestering. It nags you to waste your existing books on levelling a kingdom to 16 with a colour you would prefer to save. That would seem to be the logic, done in the hope that you will fork out the insane prices for book offers, that won’t help you that much and another nag pops up as a new troop gets released that takes a kingdom higher.

Is there a kindom helper offer for “trait troops” task? I’m wondering if I can avoid these if I just don’t trait the new troops :thinking:


The truly stupid part about it all, is that by pestering us with frustrating deals like these that just serve to annoy & anger us, we are less likely to spend money or time on the game, and gradually that will turn into “why bother?” that will end up with a player just flat out quitting game.

Everybody has their limit & breaking point. It just differs from person to person where exactly that line is.
A game that is built on progress & upgrades, where you end up feeling like you’re not progressing & upgrading any more (without significant time & resources/money) will drive you away.


Best solution would be to offer books and deeds for gems. We have the 500 gems for 1 imperial offer. We have the 300 gems for 2 colored deeds offer. Never mind the fact that 16 → 18 upgrade would cost 9x500 + 10x50x300/2 = 79,500 gems per kingdom. Giving us access to these offers in the middle slot for kingdom power advancement would at least make it feel like we could make progress toward the goal, even if it’s false hope in reality…


Between the campaign rewards (3 books every 77 days) and guild task deeds (6 every 7 days), that’s 3 deeds per day right there. IF the kingdom helper deal offered deeds, and IF you unlocked as many offers as possible, then I think you could average somewhere in the 5-10 range.

But the point is, even with 10, it would take forever to max out kingdoms, or even get them to 18, and so there isn’t any reason not to change the kingdom helper deals from worthless event keys to useful deeds.


Easy to forget the single deeds in guild tasks. I suppose part of the issue is making the supplies of books from more coloured deeds than we realistically get. A few more whole books wouldn’t go amiss in some of the other events, maybe increase them a tad with campaigns/journey, but like you say, it’s a mission to another galaxy at the moment.

Another useless stupid kingdom helper offer for me today :rage:


Do you feel helped yet?!


I vote for this to be removed too. It is very insulting.


I’m more so worried why none of the devs @Jeto or @OminousGMan replied here.

It isn’t (and always wasn’t) helping anyone affected by this obvious bug.
Just to list known problems with this offer:

  • Kingdom Helper offer when troops aren’t medaled (KP22 and 25)
  • Kingdom Helper offer when kingdom need upgrading with deeds/books (KP24 and 27)

In both cases, Event Keys don’t help, so the offer isn’t a Kingdom Helper.


Adding to this, I’ve just been offered Common Troops again even though I’ve already got a couple of hundred of them because I need to Medal troops to advance a Kingdom level… :rage: