Grmbl. Kingdom "helper" offers

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I know this is an old topic & all that but… Seriously. These things just piss me off.

You call these “helper” offers. To help players towards upgrading their kingdoms.

So… it’s offering me rare ingots to upgrade weapons.


I have 9 weapons there.


I am missing 4 weapons. 3 of them are legendary quality, and 1 is epic quality.

HOW under any imaginable circumstances given what is available in the game now does offering me RARE ingots help towards upgrading my kingdom power, when the ONLY thing I am missing is scrolls to upgrade 2 Doomed weapons (NO rare ingots required or used there), or getting 2 of the 4 weapons I am missing (NONE of which use rare ingots to upgrade)?


Offers like these, that I get constantly all the time (except the rare times I actually get pet offers I can use), only serve to anger me, and piss me off! Because it feels flat out RUDE.


I feel your pain.




Dear diary:

Khetar needs help with it’s kingdom power upgrades.


2 of them (the Doomed weapons) need upgrades, that need special forge scrolls.

And you can see here, I am just missing 4 weapons.

So why, for the love of… something vaguely sensible, is the game offering me blue ingots that are 100% useless to me, other than to upgrade the 2 blue weapons that I currently DON’T have (which are NOT being offered to me)… when I already have metric crap-tons of them that I have literally zero use for?!

I… am exasperated. This is literally like pointing at me and going “HAHA you need help with upgrades and we are going DANGLE this UTTERLY USELESS RUBBISH in front of you that servers LITERALLY NO USE AT ALL, just to troll you! HAHA!”

(not that the devs care or give a damn…)

Somehow those daily offers often make me feel like this:



Issues like these, that keep the community up at night, are prime stuff for the CX team to jump in and talk to… the community.

Well, honestly, I haven’t noticed any increase in any community-related interactions from you guys - quite the opposite.


lol no, we haven’t.