Questionable Community Manager Vacancy

Drug dealers have the same luxury, coincidence or?

IMO, hostile attitude from players towards her was the main reason, even if it was never mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

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If she’s still on Twitter or any social media then I disagree.

I am just a civilian and I can’t even post a controversial opinion on here without personal attacks being levied my way. So Salty is aware that her position unfortunately came with that shit. Doesn’t make it right, but it wouldn’t be cause to leave a job over.

not so sure… death from 1000 cuts could still be possible. I know that being customer’/community manager reaquires some thick skin to survive, but still… sometimes it’s just that one extra straw…

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We just moved into a new building at work and I don’t like the taste of the water from pipes. So if I left my job one day I hope they say it’s because I didn’t like the taste of the water there.

Meaning… Yeah it could be a reason… Or it couldn’t be a reason. But you say it’s the main reason she left… Well only she can say otherwise.

However, there’s no Community Manager that is taking over her gig as far as we can see. Which tells me if they didn’t terminate her… They at least chose to end the position after her. And until a new community manager is announced I don’t see how that fact can be argued against.

looks like it. guess the good thing is that they didn’t close forums as well :wink:


The lack of communication between the playing base and 505 Games and Infinity Plus 2 sadly can be unfortunately summed up in its cards. Its become a Sluagh of a game; in both their communication and their poor response to the AW debacle ; it has left everyone playing in the Void Portal. Well they deserve; what’s coming; a player base financial void for their sluagh recent performance.

Hi there,

Sorry, we thought this was made clear in Salty’s goodbye post.

Our CX team handles all things front end now, including Community Management.

So instead of one person we have myself, Jeto and OminousGman.

This has enabled us to spend a lot more time in the community, social, forums etc.
You may have noticed an increase of responses to threads in the forum from sometime before Salty left as we transitioned the CX team to this role.

Between the 3 of us we have a lot of experience in support, community and social media.

In the background, now that we have more staff on the team, we’re working on some cool new stuff, like video content and our stream format. The Archproxy Yvendra video is an example of that.

We’re also reviewing our internal reporting etc. to make sure we’re representing players in house as effectively as we can.

Fortunately, we had already started this transition to the CX team handling the bulk of community/social as Salty was actually promoted to Associate Producer for Puzzle Quest 3 before she left us.

Regarding Salty, it’s bittersweet as we are very sad she’s left us and hope we’ll work again with her in future but she left to pursue her growing career as a writer after being offered a senior position at another games company where she can specialise in narrative design :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It hurts to read this, given that in the past 8 days since you wrote it, there have been exactly TWO “CX team” posts that were not automated announcements of events. ZERO posts from GMan. ONE Post from Jeto asking a question and never following up, and ONE post from you feeding a troll :rofl:

In the meantime, the community has been clamboring for responses, or feedback, or even acknowledgement of numerous bugs and issues and there has been no reply whatsoever. Not even a peep. Not even a “we’re looking into this.” Nothing.

I would not say that I have “noticed an increase of responses in threads.” The opposite, if anything.


Ummm I did resurrect Sirrian on a thread last week. So there’s that after over a year of MiA-ness. Lol

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…and what a rousing success that was! 3 posts that demonstrated that he has no idea the depths of fraud that is occurring due to their inability to update code, that he was not even aware of the “half price AW” solution being in place, and furthermore that he is not in the office much if at all, so things are not likely to get better due to his participation.

I still don’t feel relieved :grimacing:


I felt like it was worth a shot. If you feel like you have a better idea than contacting the creator the game about a major game issue. Then by all means…🤷

Just seems like shaming the devs for not talking enough in hopes of having them talk more is an interesting strategy cotton.

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That wasn’t a shot against you, I don’t think.

It was worth trying. Just sad that the result was underwhelming - interesting to see how much of a reassuring and calming presence Sirrian had for a hot second.

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I’m not a negative guy and I usually try to see things positively but …
Since as you claim Kafka there are more people on your staff team wouldn’t it be better to debug the game properly before adding more “cool stuff”? (that can be bugged too) :thinking:
I think the players would appreciate that much more than all that “new cool stuff” :wink:


@Kafka Are you intentionally trolling us, your customers? Or this is what you called the cool stuff? Full of bugs!



You may have experienced in support. I am just not sure if you are good at it @Kafka. Where are you now? Including the new staff?

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So how’s that going, then?


My theory is that @Jeto is holding everyone hostage. And as that’s quite the ordeal, she doesn’t get to post very often herself, either.


This has enabled us to spend a lot more time in the community, social, forums etc.

To spend more time doing nothing or to take more time to answer to your community ?

Between the 3 of us we have a lot of experience in support, community and social media.

Omg, what it would be without all this ‘experience’ … (sarcasm inside)

we’re working on some cool new stuff,

Stop working on your shitty cool stuff. This is not cool at all. This is full of bugs and only monetization targeted. We don’t need this kind of fun. Your ‘funny’ new gems create huge and repetitive bugs (turns lost, freezes, …)
Start working on stabilizing the game ! Without your clients you’ll lose your jobs.