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Please, deal with the issues of upgrading Epic/Legendary/Mythic weapon (problematic) upgrades already!

I am amazed that this issue is still not resolved or will probably not be resolved after 5.0, if ever!

Weapon upgrades should be improving the weapon, not making it less useful or more unpredictable to use in a way that can backfire where it hurts the most.
Yes, I am talking about useless weapon upgrades, like Frog transformations, create a (color) Gem, create a Doom skull, etc.

One perfect example is when I had a a perfect 4 or 5+ (explosive) skull match, but then the weapon upgrade actually decided to interrupt or disrupt the perfect link with a useless color gem that made me miss my turn, gave enemy all the skulls and extra turns and costed me a win in Guild Wars or PvP. You get the initial idea and you were reminded about it a lot in the past.

Please, make all the weapons equally or more efficient after fully upgraded, but never less!


If the devs would AT LEAST allow us to SPEND INGOTS to UNDO an upgrade that proved to be harmfull I believe this would solve most issues.

“B-but what about Kingdoms Stars’ requirements?”

  • You can upgrade the weapons, which will consume ingots, your Kingdom will reach the new star and THEN if you feel the need you could spend ingots again and undo the upgrades. The values would be the same, as in if an upgrade requires 45 Legendary Ingots, then to undo it you would use more 45 Legendary ingots.

Also: Please reconsider the next Mythic’s artwork, traits and spells.
Also²: The Gnolls of Wild Plains need to have better spells without chances to hit the wrong tragets.


If it would be up to me, I would make a requirement to fully upgrade the weapon first, then I would introduce the option to enable or disable any number of those upgrades I want.

10/10 upgrades, you can select which one you want to disable, maybe even select the order in which those selected upgrades are occurring or triggering first.

That way I would have complete freedom over the fully upgraded weapon.


That would be for the best, as well as better upgrade options in each case, but if it would take too much time/work then the devs could at least consider my suggestion. I have made one mistake of fully upgrading a weapon that now creates a Bonestorm and it’s not favorable for my team.


I think when weapon affixes were introduced, something along the line of “fully upgrade the potential of your weapon” was the buzz phrase employed. Weapons like doomed blade should not be compromised by the create red gem affix which can cost you the match. That’s bad design and certainly not an upgrade in potential. I think being allowed to disable negative affixes once a weapon is fully upgraded is a sound idea.


Well, if they’re adverse to changing it because they think someone out there likes create the wrong gem color, they could add a second affix tree for each weapon, like a mini-class talent tree and let us toggle which upgrade we want… i.e. not create a gem.


Just wait until we have to fully upgrade 8 weapons to get 20 star kingdoms. We’ll have to choose between losing a stat point and a broken weapon.


The ones that really bother me are when a weapon creates gems of certain colors, and then the affix either destroys one of the same color it created, or creates a gem of a different color which cancels out one of the colors that were created by the spell. In both cases they take away potential matches, which is the whole point of what you want the spell to do. So clearly a negative “upgrade”.

For weapons that create or convert gems, the affixes should only ever create more gems of the same color, or destroy different types of gems. Very simple.


The devs said they would consider changing the ‘create 2 gems of a color’ to ‘gain 2 mana of a color’, but that was six+ months ago.


Let’s make a list of the affected weapons on a Google doc. Then we state what’s broken in one column and our suggestions in the next column. This will make it easier for them to track if they would want to fix this.


Good idea. But it’s mind boggling how this could have happened in the 1st place. There is no way a skull generator that you would usually only cast if there is a definite quad should be compromised in such a manner. Skull generators are risky but weapons like doomed club can make it like involuntary suicide. I just can’t perceive how the programmers could possibly perceive this as a weapon boost, because it’s completely the opposite at a high rate of frequency. It’s crazy.


Unfortunately the answer is that the devs don’t understand their game enough and hence introduce some weird designs and effects. Not the programmers fault I wouldn’t have thought, since their job is to code the game as instructed.


What should we do about this then? I can try to examine each weapon and see their problematic upgrades, but if the developers won’t act on it, I would rather not waste my time on this.


I know that it’s not a custom to answer suggestion threads, but in this case, let me know so that I know that our effort is not wasted on deaf ears. I can also provide more feedback in such case.


This feedback has already been passed on.


mv feedback.txt /dev/null


Funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t usually copy pasta my official reports but here it is, it’s worded this way because it’s a “user story” (google it if you are interested in what that means). Fair warning if this gets ripped to shreds I won’t share this information ever again:

‘As an endgame player I’m frustrated with exploder/gem creation affixes’

"As an endgamer I’m frustrated that weapons have affixes which explode or create gems as it ruins my gem board control. I’d like these affixes replaced with something that gives a more predictable outcome.

I feel these affixes are a downgrade to the Weapon and often ask for the ability to downgrade my weapon to a previous upgrade level to remove the exploder/gem creation affix I’ve unlocked."

The role of the user is set as endgamer as that’s who I receive this feedback from.


Would it help to say this issue effects everyone and that the upgrades creates a bad user experience by causing a harmful player outcome that would not exist without the upgrade?

Like, they’ve fixed “exploding gem affixes.” Its the second half that’s untouched so far.


Remember that time? (Or a thousand times) where you tried to do something nice for a player and in response they peed in your Cheerios?

That’s basically the same feeling players of all levels experience courtesy of weapons like Doomed Blade and Doomed Club due to the “upgrades”.

TL:DR… no good deed (nor upgrade) goes without pee engulfing Cheerios. ← that should be the official feedback in regards to the experimental weapon upgrades that were releasesd, thought better of for future weapons, but still haven’t gone back to correct the alpha and beta versions.


She cares! I am in love already! :love_you_gesture:


Thank you. :blush:

Perhaps a [Passed On], [Changes On the Way], or [Deemed Not Feasible] would help future threads, similar to the bug reports.