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Can we please do something about weapon "explode" upgrades?

Especially those weapons who create gems and then have an “explode a gem” trait. I upgraded a bunch of weapons, and this is permanent, but I ended up with worse versions of the initial ones. All those that explode a random gem pretty much messes up the alignment of the board, especially when the weapon creates gems by itself. If it created 10 red gems and explode a random one the chances are high that you just explode a potential 4 match and on top of that the explosion nerf makes it that barely you get any mana.

The only way for me to have the better version of these weapons now (without the stupid traits) is pretty much to start a new account which is beyond unacceptable from my point of view.

Potential solutions would be to disable them, to have the explosion before the spell or the better one, simply get rid of that thing from weapons and add something that truly improves it so we feel the upgrade when we pay the ingots for that.


Yup. I feel your pain, man. As it stands right now, I only fully upgrade weapons I feel I’ll never use. The thing is, eventually, everyone one will have to fully upgrade at least some of them. Well, anyone that doesn’t want their Kingdom Power to be crap, anyway.

Thankfully, I’m a Veteran Player. So, most of my kingdoms were past the “fully upgrade a weapon” stage and the only ones I have to deal with, in that regard, are the last couple “new” kingdoms we got after this change.

Honestly, I feel bad for new players. I feel bad that they have to make a weapon an inferior version of itself in order to make the kingdom a superior version of itself. An upgrade is supposed to be just that, an UP-grade. Not a mixed bag of crap.

And, that’s not even the worst of it. The weapon upgrade system is so unbalanced. For example, some kingdoms have low rarity weapons that take more commonly found stones, so that one will be much easier to upgrade than say the Sin kingdom where you have a “choice” between a legendary weapon and another legendary weapon. Oh, so many choices. Pfft.

Honestly, I feel every time this game updates, now, it gets worse in some way. For end game players, especially ones in top guilds, it adds onto an already insane work load (second job status, here I come) and it makes the mountain of crap, newbies have to claim to become end game, higher and higher and steeper and steeper. They keep moving the goal post, essentially. It can be very daunting/taxing, in my opinion


Unfortunately, there is no dodging this bullet, at least not for completionists. Kingdom power level 8 and the distant 14 require two or three weapons fully upgraded, at which time your “grandfather” status needs to be paid off (meaning you need two weapons at once if you had zero).



You are correct. Thankfully, a lot of mine are past the 8 issue and 14 is a long way off.

My issue isn’t so much weapons being tied to Kingdom Power. Its fine. Not great, especially when they made a new currency just for those (which I don’t feel we needed), but it’s fine. My actual problem with all this is two fold:

  1. Weapon upgrades feeling more like downgrades. At least, at a certain point. If I’m going to invest all these resources, I should feel like I’m getting a positive result out of my efforts

  2. The cost of upgrading (high rarity) weapons and the unbalanced distribution of said weapons (like the Sin kingdom only having two Legendary ones and that’s it). They tried solving is problem with *Delves, in a way, but there wouldn’t need to be a “solution”, if the problem didn’t exist, in the first place. Be PRO-active about things, not RE-active.

*Delves are also controversial and a “mixed bag” in their own right, especially, as a solution to the weapon problem. But, that’s a separate discussion for a different thread.


Just to join in on this point. Again. Most weapon upgrades are borderline useless, but some are downright negative.

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I’ve been playing with my shiny new +10 Dawnbringer for a couple of weeks now, and as far as I can tell, the “explode a gem” traits have been either beneficial or benign. Most time it doesn’t make any difference at all. But there have been numerous times when that exploded gem dropped a 4-5 match or a skull match. A couple of times it’s even been the difference between winning and losing. On the whole, I think it’s helped a lot.

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For weapons that don’t manipulate the board for extraturns, the explode upgrades should come out creating boards benefiting the player about as often as the AI, it is random after all and in the long run it should even out.
Dawnbringer is also extremely good at dealing with the negative explode settlings as it provides great protection for the whole team against the consequences of it, most other weapons don’t.

However, weapons that do manipulate the board for semi-reliable extraturns with significant gem spawns, often get wrecked by those explode upgrades, denying you big amounts of mana and extraturns while giving massively favorable boards to the AI.

So at best(Dawnbringer) the upgrade explode will create unforseeable board settlings that bite you in the ass as often as they grant you an advantage, and that will net you 0-2 mana since the explode nerf, so super underwhelming to put it nicely.
At worst with big gem spawner weapons you gain next to nothing for the explode upgrade killing big clumps of your spawns and by that denying you a lot of mana and even extraturns while also providing the AI with a board most likely setup for 4-matches of the colour you just spawned.

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