The SoulForge Event Weapon change is a bad idea

My initial reaction to the fact that the elemental weapons in the Soulforge would be replaced with the event weapons of the week’s kingdom was positive, but after further reflection, I’ve realized this solution completely fails to solve the issues the game is currently facing.

The problem that players are facing is that there are a few weapons (Rope Dart, Earth’s Fury, Trickster’s Shot among others) that were only available from events, that have become dominant in several modes, including PvP, and new players have no means to access them.

How is the solution to place those weapons on an 8 month-long rotation?

The team chose this solution to keep things “on-theme,” but that’s not what’s healthy for the game. None of the weapons people need are coming until at LEAST September based on Taran’s World, and if a player misses one they have to wait another 8 months for it to come back. In comparison, you only have to wait about 2 months for the Mythics to rotate, and about 5 months for the Legendaries to rotate.

Sirrian bragged about the telemetry they have available, why not use that to figure out which weapons are the most popular and put those in the store?

I appreciate that they’re at least trying, but this solution indicates that the team doesn’t understand the problem, despite the fact we’ve been yelling at them about it since Divine Protector got buffed. A bad solution is better than no solution, but the community would prefer a good solution.


There is no such thing as a good solution. It’s no money on it. But it is in half broken one.

I’m glad they did what they did
So big ups too the devs for this

Maybe the Soulforge could include 2-3 kingdoms’ worth of weapons each week? Event kingdom plus 1-2 others? That could really help to speed up the rotation…

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The problem is also that kingdom power is heavily gated by weapons at higher power levels. Only putting the most popular PvP weapons into the Soulforge wouldn’t help to address that.

I think the rotation should be unbiased. Favoured mythics do not appear more frequently than mediocre ones and the same should apply to weapons. But 8 months per showing seems a bit skimpy. Even still, players are gonna have to be even more choosy when spending diamonds.

@Sirrian :face_with_monocle: what do you think?

I don’t understand why the devs can’t put all the weapons in soul forge at once and charge players 800 gems (or whatever resource amount) to craft each one. Why does everything have to be on a rotation? If a rotation is necessary then why not have 5-10 weapons rotate each week? I mean, seriously, this issue doesn’t seem too complex to me to resolve in a satisfactory way for the players. Do the devs think giving everyone access to rope dart who don’t have it will break the meta even more than it already is?

I love how players are pro-active enough to complain about a good change before they actually see it implemented. The dev lead time is so long, and seemingly getting longer, that they nee as much advance notice as we can give them.

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I do think it’s worth acknowledging that a broken solution is better than no solution. But I think this is another case of the devs delivering what they hear and not what we wanted.

I also think it’s kind of a let-down that if the reason for not doing this earlier was, “We don’t like a solution as ham-fisted as just putting them in soulforge”, the result of so many months of “looking into it” is “we have no idea”.

I’d have also accepted Sirrian saying, “Hey, I have a cool idea, but it’s going to take at least 2 updates to work on it. If I haven’t showed it to you by that 2nd update, then live on stream I’m going to let Salty pour a cooler of ice water on me.”

Who wouldn’t take that deal?

they could do this cycle idea but put the current weapons on a sped up cycle to satisfy those of us who have been waiting a while for some of these weapons. Then after a complete cycle, change it to the 8 month or whatever it is right now cycle. I guess that would be a bandaid fix though and we know how the devs feel about those. I dunno. Either way, I’m just happy that there is a solution out. I’ll wait till sept for trickster’s shot etc. Just knowing getting the old weapons is possible now satisfies me.

Do you mean, all the info we got so far about the new feature are BS, lies and just hype making?

Cuz otherwise seen the only weapon i care about is earth fury AND seen orc kingdom event was just few weeks ago mean gotta wait several months to have a chance x it.

Granted i am megalucky compared to those masonewplayers that kinda soon on top of 40+ mythic troops + ALL old good weapon will also need 48k diamonds (+ other stuff lol) to craft doom weapons that will be moved on the forge.

Buckle up. I spent 10 minutes on an idea that, if implemented, ties together some of my least favorite events in the game and turns them into a fair resource sink that distributes some of the game’s most valuable rewards and reintroduces old weapons on theme.

New character: Some mystical weaponsmith who has time powers and can forge any weapon that’s ever been gnown in Krystara. For a fee.

New currency: Weapon shards. They don’t drop normally from any game mode, and are tied to a kingdom. So there are Karakoth shards, Merlantis shards, etc. How do you get them?

Gnomes. But not easily.

New Gnome: Weapon Gnomes are kleptomaniacs that value nothing more highly than the broken shards of heroes’ weapons. They wander the countryside looking for weakened heroes they can shank, break weapons, and collect. Kill a gnome in The Pridelands, and you get a Pridelands Weapon Shard. Easy to understand. If you’re in a non-kingdom-affiliated mode whatever the heck is the current rule used for traitstones applies.

Weapon shards only drop from weapon gnomes. But. Weapon gnomes do not spawn normally. Oh no. You have to work, buddy. We’ve got an event I hate to jazz up.

New event store: When a gnome event occurs, a wandering merchant arrives with questionable wares. Each item has a heavy price (I’m not going to name it but I think it should cost gems + souls + maybe traitstones.) What do the items do? Well, there are flavored items like “Anu’s Sweat” that attracts the glory-seeking Glory Gnome. But most relevant will be the “Hero Chum” which smells like a wounded hero and attracts Weapon Gnomes.

If you purchase an item, the only gnomes you will encounter will be the gnomes of the type you bought. You get to buy one potion, no refunds, and it wears off at the end of the event. That’s why I think they should be expensive. Now, let’s talk economy.

I think, given that the main thrust of this change is to introduce Weapon Gnomes as a farmable thing, their drops and the costs of the Weaponsmith should be tuned very specifically based on the data the devs have. However many gnomes the top 5% of current players find should be just enough to get 1 weapon over the entire weekend. I think the top 20% should be able to do it in 2 weekends. And the top 50% should be able to do it in 3.

That means that half the playerbase can, on average, craft an old weapon in 3 months at heavy cost. It means they have to plan their play for 3 months. It means they have to hoard resources for 3 months. It means they have to spend their gnome weekend farming one particular kingdom. They’re going to earn that weapon. Time travel’s expensive.

It also means if you are a lucky duck (or a cat, or horse, or whatever) who already has the weapon, absolutely nothing changes for you. Weapon gnomes won’t pollute your gnomespace with rewards you don’t want or need. But since the shop has other items, maybe you decide you want to use the “Anu’s Gem” to attract the attractive Jewel Gnome. Or “Anu’s Herb” that summons the elusive Pet Gnome. And so on. If you want to spend a gnome weekend getting one kind of reward, gnock yourself out!

That’s my idea.

I think it takes an event that is liked but not loved and dresses it up into something a little special for everyone. Those economy numbers are important to me: I think it should be guaranteed that someone who goes all-out and kicks gnome butt for the weekend deserves 1 weapon. I think it gives the gnomes a purpose that they sort of lack right now. And I think it reserves the weapon smithing as a very special event that you plan for and feel like you fought to do.

That’s the kind of feature I expect when it’s years in the making!

I give the developers of Gems of War free license to use all or part of this idea with no attribution required.


They should put all the older missable weapons in the soulforge for 1 week and then do the rotation

i like this idea a lot. I hope it gets the serious consideration that it deserves.

Thank you devs for trying to make this game as fun for everyone as you can

Thank you for making old weapons available to everyone


Sounds good but they need to sort out treasure gnome first. He has no idea what he is meant to be giving away but it shouldn’t be souls, glory or jewels. He needs rejigged to drop cash gems shards and the other commodities that his cousins do NOT deliver.