Just a little something!

Dear Devs,

I know there’s still ongoing backlash to the whole “new dungeon” thing and this suggestion is not new. However, why not give just a small amount of dragonite for every run in dungeons?

The current system is successfully making players spend gems. But you must see that it’s the top tier players (like myself) that can, and do. You’re preventing entry level and mid level players to ever catch up by making the cost so extreme. Just a small token of “nice try” would go a long way for many.

Within my guild there’s tremendous frustration about dungeons, from the expense to the many, many duplicates they are getting for the cost. Can you not see how damaging that is to the game overall?

A small reward would help a LOT.


Things I already wrote somewhere else
I would like to see these adds just to improve a bit Dragonite/Dungeon system, some or all of them:

  • If player is lucky enough to get a second consecutive Perfect Run will get double, third consecutive PF get triple dragonite etc …
  • Put some Dragonite as rewards on Guild Event, just like they did on Campaign Rewards
  • Put some Dragonite as rewards on specific milestone on Arena Event. It gives more appeal to play this not so popular event.
  • Add on Jewel Gnome drop a small chance to get Dragonite (ok seems we see a Dragon Gnome on next year, i’ll take it)
  • Add on Mythic Mimic battle small % chance to get Dragonite
  • Add a maximum copies to x4 on each Dragon Gem. Like they did for Guardians troop. Hatching a fifth Dragon Gem is just madness.
  • Rework Dungeon. Real random. A Dragon Boss could be on third slot, a Daily Trap could be on fourth slot and so on . Ok this one already did


This game is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes. I’ve said that myself tons of times, over and over again. But throughout my nearly 3 years here, everything could be worked on. Gaining troops. Gaining keys of various kinds. Gaining glory. Gaining diamonds. Gaining traitstones of all kinds. Gaining weapons. Tokens from explore. Pets from pet gnomes. and so on, and so on. A player’s success and progress depended on a. time dedicated b. how smart that time was spent while playing. And every battle brought you closer to the goal worked on at any given time - one more traitstone, 2 more diamonds from a Treasure Gnome, some daily ingots as renown is increased… we could see that we are growing as players.

Hoard Mimic was the first thing that broke the pattern - there’s no visible progress that we can see (except the number of failed Hoard Mimic battles that didn’t produce the troop). Now we have new dungeons, where the logic is the same: either a player gets a big reward (after a very elusive pure run), or nothing at all. There’s no sense of progression, no sense of success after winning the dungeon battles. I’d rather have 5 dragonite a day and 30-60 for a completed pure run depending on dungeon level instead of the current system of “all or nothing, but mostly nothing” every day.

Please, reduce the frustration. Sooner than later would be nice.


100% this!!! Dwuemka’s first paragraph is a great description of what has made Gems of War a fun game and has kept me playing daily for 5 years now.

However, the Hoard Mimic and now the new Dungeon have completely broken the game’s heart and soul.

So very sad. :disappointed:


A secondary result of the new dungeons: jealousy within the guild.

Clearly, the younger players can, in no way, keep up with the expense of buying boss dragons, so they don’t share in the excitement of them (new teams, new tips, new tricks). They are being left out. As a result we’ve noticed less play from those players, and fear they will ultimately leave the game.

Can we please see some change?!


“If they’re that miserable, why don’t they pay to feel better?”
-Anon dev


… or they’ll just go play somewhere else, that’s, oh, I don’t know… fun?