More Dragonite

Hello everyone! What do you think about devs should add smaller amount of dragonite as a reward for defeating dungeon bosses.

As example.

Lvl 20 dungeon. Perfect run gives 120 dragonite. Also, when you defeat low and mid lvl bosses they will give 15 dragonite and dragon boss will give 30 dragonite as a resource (like jewels, shards and diamonds). If you’re lucky you’ll get 180 dragonite. If you’re not then you’ll get 60 dragonite. I think this would be more fair than 120 dragonite if you’re lucky and 0 dragonite if you’re not.

Sorry if my english is bad, that’s not my native language, I’m trying to do my best.


Your numbers are way too high. Going by your suggestion, on level 20, 1 dragonite for the lower fights and 2 dragonite for the big one, with 80 dragonite for a perfect run would equal the current quota.

What you are suggesting would mean to give out six times as much dragonite. People would have a full set of diamantinas in no time, and what then? Dragonite will become useless soon enough, no need to rush it.


I would be fine with 1+1+2 each level. That’s 80 altogether on level 20. Maybe plus 40 for a perfect run (equally less on lower levels).

On the other hand sooner or later everyone that plays regularly will get every dragon. It would be much more satisfying if a dungeon run would reward players for a win though.


Another idea would be to replace the Daemon Gnome with the Dragonite Gnome in Epic Vault fights. This idea is a bit out there, but not really but make Dragonite as reward for Epic Red Tasks of even LTs.


I’ve always felt like that gnome should rotate to include all of the rarer gnomes as a possible roll. Pet, Cursed, Verse, and dragonite gnomes, with Daemon as the womp, womp.


Given the (statistically 10%) probability of a Perfect Run, you are suggesting an average “payout” of 72 Dragonite per day, compared to the average of 6 per day (for a Lv.20 Dungeon).

To paraphrase a prior comment, the solution shouldn’t be “more Dragonite” just “less frustration”. It’s frustrating to hit traps (especially Curse and/or Jinx) even before your first boss battle, yet THIS WAS BY DESIGN.

One idea I had: You know the 100-Gems (for Diamonds) offer? That’s an utter waste of Gems when the 50-Gem offer gives you several times more for half the cost!

Instead, how about you can spend 100 Gems to disarm one Trap (or if no Traps are sprung yet, one door containing a trap is revealed and then locked/disabled), meaning that if you can spare the Gems then you can salvage a single-trap run into a Perfect Run.

In other words, if you can spare 100 Gems then you get an extra +30% chance of a Perfect Run (expected value = +36 Dragonite at Lv.20) which is approximately half the value of just purchasing the Dragonite directly. So on one hand it’s more cost-effective (100 Gems for average 36 Dragonite, vs. 300 for guaranteed 60 Dragonite) but on the other it is not guaranteed (there’s still a 60% chance of hitting the other trap).

Any extra Gem expenditure is kind of meaningless when people are still making 20+ dragons without getting their last one.

See other topic.

So yeah… the idea of “more Dragonite” doesn’t hurt, largely because “more Dragonite” still means nothing.

And even more so, the faster Dragonite becomes useless, the better. Its a terrible system and people shouldn’t be encouraging it or the next system will be even worse.


I’m not rushing it. I’m saying that it would be great if players can get some dragonite each day. I’ve used to get a perfect run only 3 or 4 times after the door random was fixed (approx 3 months).

If you’re very lucky and you can craft all the 6 dragon bosses from one egg per boss you need 3000 dragonite. Rings and Diamantina will need another 3000 Dragonite. If you’re veru lucky AGAIN you can win 120 dragonite per day which means that you need 50 days (almost two months) to craft one Diamantina.

But no one is so lucky to get 50 perfect runs. And its very hard to spend 3000 Dragonite and get all the 6 dragons without copies. So the real time you need to spend to craft ONE Diamantina is terrifically giant! A year? Two? Or more? Just math

I’m saying that it would be great if players can get 60 Dragonite per day on dungeon lvl 20. You 'll need to win all bosses of dungeons for 100 days (more than three months) to get 6000 Dragonite. I think that three months is not a “in no time” and 6000 Dragonite doesn’t means that you can get Diamantina (dragon egg randomness again). So the real time will be 3 or 4 months depending on the egg randomness.

No, I don’t care about traps. It’s just frustrating to craft dragon eggs end get only copies of dragons that I already have especially if I can get approx. one perfect run per month (I got 3 or 4 of perfect runs since doors random fix). It’s very frustrating to see that somebody already have a few Diamantinas for a couple of months meanwhile I spend all the Dragonite I got so hard just to receive another copy of Garnaeterlin or Amethialas.

But I must admit that your idea about disarming traps for diamonds is very good!

Dragonite can’t beat Hoard Mimic in “Useless” category. Somebody got a few Hoard Mimics at the first day just by running exp. 6 meanwhile I don’t have even one (I’m on exp. 12). And the main thing to have Hoard Mimic is just to get achievement.

I haven’t even seen more than 2 hoard mimics in 9 months (even though I encounter several mimics each day) and gotten none since the early days. Lucky for me I already got a hoard mimic soon after the release.

more dragonite does not fix the problem, and it will only just keep the real problem going. You can triple the amount of dragonite everyone gets, and there will still be people who actively play who are missing 1 or 2 dragons a year from now.

Stop asking for more dragonite. They need to fix the duplication of dragons after 4, or give us targeted dragon crafting with higher cost. This is the only solution to the problem.

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nothing says they can’t do both


Another option would be to let us buy more Dragonite on Sunday, for the same cost. Like with diamonds, giving 4x more on Sunday, which would give us 240 Dragonite for 300 gems.