Dragonite added to rewards pool

After spending all my gems virtually daily for dragonite and getting 5x duplicates in a row for one dragon, i think its high time dragonite gets added to the rewards pool from vault keys or events now.


Dragonite has still a very limited purpose in the game. As long as this is only about 6+1 troops, I don’t think, its presence should be extended too much. Otherwise you have another case of minor traitstones.


Yea, sounds good to me… or even have a dragonite gnome… wait scratch that last one because it might show up once a month :thinking:


Not quite - it has only been about three months since dragonite came out. While more sources would undoubtedly be nice, there is no imperative need to hurry right this very moment.

First and foremost - every dungeon run must give base dragonite and make perfect runs give little extra based on dungeon level or something along those lines. No player, who defeats dungeon bosses, should leave dungeon without dragonite! Ever!

After one guaranteed 100% certain and sure source is available, feel free to explore additional random income points - gnomes, treasure hunt, chests, whatever.
There must be a safety net and lucky pickups not - lucky pickups and lucky pickups (that will vary wildly from person to person).


Agree. This should be the case.:+1:

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If someone had a lot wouldn’t it be nice to forge them into something worh anything, more like gems? Am I opening another can of worms here (hope not). Anything that can be forged into something helpful would be good.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: true that

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I’d rather get a little daily and less per perfect run than nothing if I choose even one wrong door.

That’s a recipe for disappointment and frustration.


Agreed, i hit a trap and thats it i leave the dungeon area, instead of getting players to endulge in dungeons more, they actually pushing players away lol.


Absolute same!!! I’ve got 4 of one dragon and 3 of another. What an effing ripoff. :expressionless::woman_facepalming:

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I think a Dragonite Gnome is in the works.

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With an appearance frequency the same as the Cursed Rune Gnome… :rage: :poop:


I predict it will also drop a very low amount of Dragonite too.


A gnome is not the solution. Steady progress needed to worth working for it.


Until everyone stops spending gems on dragonite it won’t happen. If you follow how the devs actually do things, you want have to wait until at least 2 more new resources show up before dragonite starts appearing as a daily deal or reward from the Adventure Board.

It’s how it was with war coins and deeds.

I am actually surprised that dragonite has already been added into the Campaign Pass, though its only 40 that you can get for free, but if you spend the money on the premium pass (which to me has never been worth it, so I won’t buy it), there is another 200-300 there.

Basically, once you start seeing cursed runes appearing in other as a reward in the Adventure board, it will be a few more months after that dragonite starts appearing there as well.


Completely wrong. Any dragonite you don’t need to spend for IS part of the solution.

Not completely wrong, no. It’s definitely not the solution.

It’s part of a solution, and right now I’d be happy about as little as 4 dragonite as that’s what I would need on Monday for my final dragon.

But unless gnomes are fairly easy to encounter and give a significant amount of dragonite it’s merely a drop of water on a hot stone.

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