Add Dragonite to Guild Event rewards

Instead of going on a tangent about how the devs don’t support the existence of guild despite half the players continuing to play thanks to their guild. Or how they sacrifice previous fundamentals due to the game not actually having a bible so every new idea is implemented without much consideration. I’ll keep this simple.

Please add Dragonite to all guild events that offer rewards for stages being closed. For many power orbs and therefore chaos orbs are worthless. And it shouldn’t fall on Guild Managers to have to convince veterans to dump their time and gems just to help newer players. Yet that is exactly what the Dungeon revamp caused.


Would be cool to see Dragonite in personal/guild leaderboard rewards too!


Maybe add it as an LT reward

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ugh, I hate to go against the current trend as people need more Dragonite, but I wouldn’t suggest adding it the Guild Events.

At some point, Dragonite will be a dead end resource as people will have their dragons and have nothing more to spend Dragonite on. If added to Guild Events, it’ll dilute the reward pool and would be difficult to take out after its added. On top of that, adding it to Guild Events would make it very difficult for them to change the dragons to be a non-RNG craft as there would be too much extra Dragonite in circulation.


Make Dragonite a possible Adventure Board reward too, as opposed to more and more traitstones which for long time players are also rather useless. Or have the dungeon event give out dragonite regardless of triggering traps, obviously not the full amount for doing a perfect run but something like say 20 for just beating all three bosses should one trigger both traps and 40-45 for only triggering one.

It probably won’t happen though since it would mean less income from microtransactions and such


It will probably take a couple of months to a year but just like every other currency/resource the game has released I’m sure there will be daily deals for it, it will show up in the Adventure board, and/or a new gnome that drops it will come out.

It’s already a reward in the Campaign tasks. There is 40 if you complete 4 weeks of tasks on the free campaign and another 150 if you buy the campaign pass and complete it all of it. Although this is basically just a drop in the bucket of what you would need to actually craft anything that requires the resource, its there.

You just have to be patient. This is the same thing that happens with every new currency/resource the game releases. Its given out at the bare minimum or made hard to obtain on purpose simply to frustrate people into spending money to buy it to speed up the process of obtaining the new content. Then a few months later they release another new currency/resource and then the previous one starts slowly showing up everywhere to the point you have an overabundance of it and nothing to use it on.

Then we’ll all complain about how we want new recipes in the soul forge that allow us to use this overabundance of resources that became obsolete only to have the devs give us the finger by giving us those recipes but tying them to the new hard to get currencies/resources. Just like they did with the chaos orb, orb of clans, and medal recipes by tying cursed runes to them.

Its just that with every new currency/resource that gets released we the players get more and more frustrated by this tactic. And I think the frustration with this had hit an all time high when this same BS happened with cursed runes as the only way to get was a gnome that for a lot of people literatlly never appears (I’m still grinding explore daily trying to get the mythic mimic and I haven’t seen a cursed gnome in over a month) and it’s just carried over into dragonite because instead of it just being a gnome, it changed an entire game mode and in my opinion, made it worse and more of chore to play.

For me, I hit my all time high frustration point with War Coins. Cause they were specifically targeted at new players and could only be obtained from completing the Kingdom quest lines or buying them for real money in the Shop. Which meant if you had already completed all the quest lines you were screwed over. At least before this, any new currency/resource was at least grindable in some way that you were guaranteed to get some (except in delves, as I have done many a delve run only to not get any chaos shards as a reward), even if the amount was minuscule.

But the game has shifted to this pure luck based, “you need to pray to RNGesus” strategy of obtaining any new currency/resource unless you fork over a lot of real money that its pushing players away in droves.


It would be better to add it in the explore chest as a reward cause explore is kinda dead I mostly use it for seals but thats mostly it.

Explore’s not dead until you’ve gold-medalled all your troops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A better place to reward “new currencies” would be the Arena event, or maybe just the Arena in general.

I suspect the Arena is the game mode that sees the least amount of play, and that the Arena event sees the lowest participation of any of the events. So that might refresh those modes a little bit.

Also, putting it in an “individual” event as opposed to a “guild-wide” event removes the potential bias against those who are in smaller or less active guilds. Because I can already imagine the outcry if it were placed as a high-tier reward in an event similar to how Books of Deeds are a high-tier reward for the not-very-common Journey event. This way people who want the reward can chase it, and people who don’t care about the reward don’t have to do anything because of a seeming obligation to their guildmates.

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:joy_cat: I’m on switch
we never got the dungeon update yet it would be cool to play it.

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Preserve your innocence @SilverStream


You are contradicting yourself right here. If ‘most’ players don’t need orbs then why would GMs be required to convince vets to complete current events? GaPs have (according to many vault grinders) become a short cut to many shiny things including the zuul I and others had to really put in the effort for by spending on events to help the guild and get LB orbs for ourselves.

Players became more selfish when pet shortage hindered progress but Legends has kind of lifted that blockade. Which means they have gems to spend on dragon dupes (let’s face it the design is fundamentally only different according to colour; incredibly lazy) or buying runes, writs, deeds etc to advance on a more personal basis. The team/guild ideology has been shattered by greed which the devs have amplified and which increases a more selfish playstyle. And it’s very sad to see.

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Many players, especially new and mid-game players still need the chaos orbs and orbs of power. Dragonite could be added maybe to treasure hunt and maybe chaos orbs to arena rewards instead, as so few players play arena anymore. I’m still working on getting the 16 power orbs myself for the Zuul and Enraged Kunandra. Also still need the orbs for most boss troops. Dragonite could also maybe be added in the adventure board and possibly cursed runes. As those rewards change daily.

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