Dragonite Suggestion

I am poor at wording thinks so ill keep this short

daily dragonite from dungeons

5 per day
10 on sunday

hell at the point i would take 1 and 2 respectivly


Maybe something like this. Complete the battles and win a few.
1 Dragonite won for level 1-10
2 Dragonite won for level 11-17
3 Dragonite won for level 18-20

All double on Sunday

But dont touch PR. Perfect Run should be always there!

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“Join the club, we’ve got jackets.”

The complaint about acquiring Dragonite is that it’s based entirely (and deliberately!) on luck, but you need intermediate payouts to provide some player incentive. “Jackpot or nothing” provides no such incentive, and potentially even discourages further attempts at luck.

There’s a worthwhile argument to be had about the overall average payout over time, but that’s already solved, simply by adjusting the payout formula.

Here are two of my suggestions:

1 - Improve WHEN the Dragonite is paid out.

  • Scoring a Perfect Run yields a flat 80 Dragonite.
  • Defeating the Gem Dragon should reward a small payout immediately. If no traps were (yet) sprung, the payout is (2 * Dungeon Level). Springing one trap reduces this to (1 * Dungeon Level) and springing both traps reduces it to a flat 1 Dragonite.

Next, I constantly point out how the 100-Gem Dungeon Offer (for 15 Diamonds) is ridiculous compared to the 50-Gem offer (20 Diamonds plus more). But ironically, it’s actually the 50-Gem offer that is the odd one out (Wandering Merchants and Daily offers for Diamonds have rates comparable to the 100-Gem offer NOT the 50-Gem offer). Heck, even the 300-gem offer (for 60 Dragnite) is technically cheaper than the 100-Gem offer (3 x 100 Gems would only get you 45 Diamonds, vs. 300 Gems for 60 Dragonite)

2 - Add counterplay for Dungeon Traps.

  • Other people have mentioned how you have ZERO counterplay on dungeon traps. Sure, the occasional Blessed altar can cleanse out status effect traps (or you can bring in a resistant/Impervious team), but not if a Cursed trap is applied afterwards. And there’s simply no way to reverse the unique effect of a Jinx trap.
  • So, I propose changing the 100-Gem offer from “+15 Diamonds” to “Disable one trap”. This approximately quadruples the overall “success rate” of a Perfect Run (and it’s thematically appropriate to the “dungeon” theming), but you have to pay 100 Gems for the service, it only works on one trap, and it still doesn’t guarantee a jackpot payout for the day.