If there could be ONE improvement to Dungeon, which would you choose

    1. 5 Dragonite per fight, boosted by level (irregardless of Traps), with a 15 Dragonite bonus, boosted by level, for a perfect run.
    1. An option to spend 50 gems to “reveal” a door, 1/day.
    1. A flat 10 dragonite per day as a daily login reward, AND keep dungeon as is to try & get a perfect run.
    1. Other: Please submit your idea below

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Yeah, I know I’m probably wasting my time here, but we can tell the devs our ideas. At least then we’ll KNOW if they are ignoring us in forums or not.
And I intentionally left out combining any of the options above. One idea at a time, please.

Other: Increased level scaling for items other than dragonite (shards, crystals, diamonds). I would say, 10% per dungeon level would be fair.


No, we can’t. They do not read the forum.

P.P.S.: I know, the dragonite is the most prominent thing to come out of the dungeon rework, as a completely new ressource. But the fact, that the difference between level 1 and level 20 on a sunday is a lousy 5,7% increase in diamonds (74 compared to 70) is insulting.

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How 'bout for 50 gems, a trap door is revealed by an aura coveing it. Eg. Monday is Blue, Tuesday is Green, Sunday is Rainbow etc. that way at least you’re not going in completely blind, no pun intended.

[quote=“Jerog, post:2, topic:77275”]The difference between level 1 and level 20 on a sunday is a lousy 5,7% increase in diamonds (74 compared to 70) is insulting.

Yes; it feels not really worth the effort to descend to lower levels, the fights get harder/longer but the rewards only very slightly improve. Odd given that Explore does provide much more progressive rewards for higher levels.

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I would rather have - if you get a trap and successfully win all dungeon battles, you get 5 dragonites per battle.

I mean since the Altars don’t do anything to negate the traps, and I have gotten two battles completed before finding a trap - I think it would be nice if that was taken into consideration as well.

I play D-n-D. Disarming traps are part of Dungeons. Add disarm to get dragonites.

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I feel like the VIP system has been forgotten about with these new systems. Maybe attach the “reveal” suggestion with the VIP level?

Or guaranteed dragonite for certain tiers?

For purposes of a Perfect Run, sure, but if you get a Blessed Altar then the status buff actually will cleanse/block most Traps from affecting you.

Now this is another idea with some potential. For lack of a calculated number let’s say 100 Gems to disarm one trap, but only one trap?

Its economy impact would be:

  • Statistically triples the probability of a perfect run (10% → 30%) i.e. overall Dragonite payout over time (8-12 → 24-36)
  • More cost effective over time than buying Dragonite directly

I’d like to see one random door (boss/trap/or bonus) revealed for free at the start of a daily dungeon without losing a perfect run. As in, you open the dungeon and one door is already revealed.

The dungeons are already a poor experience without encouraging a 50 gem expenditure to reveal a door, though I guess the 50 gem version is more abuseable… open 2 without a trap, pay 50 gems and narrow down the choice even more.


10 Dragonite a day…50 extra with scaling for perfect…and 200 gems a day for the Dragonite purchase…

Keeps the rate the same…and brings the daily gem cost in line with what most people who spend daily can manage to generate easily a day

Of course the 300 was picked since they know mid to end game users generate about 200 to 250 a day on a erage…and they want to “encourage” gem purchases

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