Dungeon Feedback

Hello Adventurers,

Thank you for all the feedback that you have provided around the Dungeon Rework that was released in update 6.5. We’re taking that feedback into consideration and we’re happy to share our current plans with you.

Dungeon Doors
The door randomizer had some detectable patterns. We have changed that so it is truly random. Kudos to the Adventurers who spotted this, but sadly those patterns will no longer be there.

We will be sending out some Dragonite to everyone as compensation for the issue.

More Ways to Get Dragonite
We are looking to add a Dragonite Gnome in the future (similar to the Cursed Gnome). No eta yet but we are considering early next year. We may also look to have gnome bait for this new Dragon Gnome.

At the moment we have no plans to change rewards in Dungeons regarding Dragonite.

Gem Dragon Crafting
We have plans we are working on, that we hope to introduce coming next year, to add support for an alternative means for players to target specific Gem Dragons.

We’ll provide more details closer to the time these changes are made and released.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


This is going to go down terribly

So disappointed


Jesus #$&$!! Just add 6 differently coloured Dragon Eggs to the Soulforge! Getting dupes is the main issue!


dude you could fix would hunger with you logic ← not being sarcastic

carot on a stick problems… player issue = no fix. dev issue = instant fix


Thank you for the news!

Next question, though, - will there be guaranteed dragonite per dungeon?
There should be no case when rewards through limited access modes (and Dungeons with 1 attempt per day is the ultimate level of that) are fully determined by random - no player must leave empty handed.

Set amount only - the fairest implementation;
Set amount plus random amount - that may slide;
Random amount - only through unlimited access modes.


simply add all resources to the treasure hunt. use (x) maps for the rarer ones and not 50,000 maps for one run for negative 10 dragonite


I remember the feeling when I first realized that the players tend to work for the playerbase (often selflesssly and almost always harder than IP2 ‘TGIF’ staff), while the mods tend to be against said playerbase (this was unequivocably reported to the dev team by the mods, since it is well documented that devs do not check the forums): so we had players developing methods and tools to help players navigate the terrible dungeon design within the parameters given, but mods wouldn’t have it.

You’ll likely come to expect this from them, and adjust expectations accordingly.
:blush: :crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:


The “mods” or I guess you mean the CX team, don’t make game design decisions.
We actively support cool stuff players make for the community: ie with Gowdb, Taransworld, streamers etc.

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“Disappointed” doesn’t even START covering it… I’m lost for words.


The mods/cx/‘whoever sees the forum efforts and communications by players’ decided to bring this to the devs attention: each player can (and will) decide for themselves what adjective to associate with the kind of move that was.


A YEAR??? This is just ridiculous

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Finding out that it was not truly random changed me back to do the dungeons first each day, like I used to before Dragonite, now it’ll be back to last again.Why must the fun be sucked out of things like this? I thought this was a game?

I even thought maybe added the patternwas added for us to find, like a sort of meta-game, for the enjoyment of the community. I guess I gave far too much credit.


Thank you for your feedback

So ironic. No good changes were implemented. We are now back to the point where each day in GoW starts with disappointment and anger.


The tool helped me get my second ever perfect run and now it’s back to 30+ day streaks of swivelling on a stick? Good lord.


Agreed, will be going back to the last thing I do each day because there is nothing like setting the mood for the day of gaming like failing RNG based content over and over. And hey if you do get lucky and get some dragonite. Theres always dupes you are looking at for yet more RNG. Kind of a joke really they jumped right into a “fix” on this one. Even with slight patterns there was still a lot of RNG. Its not like it was getting perfect runs daily for everybody. Just SLIGHTLY bettered the odds


Well, this is some prime bullshit.


Question #2 - how does 80 dragonite make even a remote compensation for doubly screwed players (both no knowledge of biased doors and bad random to boot) with 0 perfect runs compared to fortunates (bias knowledge and good random) with 10+ perfect runs?


“Detectable patterns” was the most interesting thing was implemented in GoW for years. It was awesome that community worked together and found that. It wasn’t game-breaking at all, just a a way to reduce RNG a bit.
I’m extremely disappointed.


Also: it’s almost 5PM Friday your time: like, you guys literally hit Send on this as you were heading out for the weekend, no?