Are you more or less likely to spend $$ on GoW based on today's Daily Dungeon changes?

The adamantly claim to listen to feedback, despite the mountains of evidence.

So since whoever decided to ‘just do their job’ and tell the devs about non-game breaking patterns that marginally helped the players must surely be convinced that they ‘did the right thing’ (as opposed to assuming it was working as intended, since the odds were still very much against the players even with the crowdsourced patterns), gotta wonder how this may impact player sentiment towards spending on this game.

Maybe they’ll listen to this feedback a little better than whatever crossed their mind to decide to do what they just did? :stuck_out_tongue: :crossed_fingers:

  • I am more likely to spend $$ on GoW now
  • I am less likely to spend $$ on GoW now
  • I never spent/no longer spend on GoW even before this
  • Meh, will keep spending as usual

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The unhappier I am, the less likely I am to spend.

Shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone who has ever spent any money.

For those who have a hard time figuring it out… What do you enjoy more spending money on? A utitily bill or a nice evening out with friends or family?

Not what is more necessary to spend on but what makes you feel better.

With living costs steadily rising a game is a low priority for most people. And if that game doesn’t even try to make people happy, the priority sinks even lower.


I buy the basic season pass, that’s all the money I spend on the game, and I will continue to do so.
The dungeon is like a free daily scratcher ticket that sometimes gives me a bonus, and more often it does not. Many games have this kind of system. I don’t mind the randomness at all.


I think, it is a good thing to have the dungeon completely randomised. Was unfair towards players, who are in young guilds or do not search related sites. It was meant to be a random chance from the beginning on anyhow.

I hate this game and I refuse to spend any money on it. There are a lot of reasons for this.
This is not one of them.


I know that this is a freemium game and the goal for it is to generate money for the developers, but its never been a game that compelled me to spend money on it. I have always felt that everything was overpriced and just didn’t have any value for its cost.

Frankly I don’t think anything in the game should be have an actual dollar cost to it and everything should be purchasable with gems. Though even then, I find that I don’t spend gems either all that frequently as I feel I am wasting them based on the return that I get.

There are just better things to spend my money on than this game, which should be a relaxing gem matching game, but for a while now has turned into a game that requires so much luck that grinding doesn’t even make things seem obtainable anymore. If it wasn’t for the people in my guild that I enjoy playing with and talking to, I probably would have quit permanently back when medals were released.


Devs: Actively screwing their players overs for years. Why, would anyone ever give money to a group that clearly does not care about them?

Did they change it so you can get SOME dragonite everyday? No.
Did they change it so you can get SOME dragonite until you hit a trap? No.
Did they change it so you can “check” a door by spending some gems? No.
Did they take out the RNG for the Dragon Eggs? No.

This was a punitive change, like a spoiled kid who does’nt like how a baseball game he’s in is going, so he takes the ball and goes home.

For those who continue to give money after this, please tell me why?


Since #weavergate I havn’t spent any money.
I was and am vip level 10 so I have spent on the game.

But steps like these just make me stay on the not-spending-more-money-on-this-game-path.
And I also havn’t spent any gems on buying Dragonite because I refuse to fall into their trap so they can make more money.
I recognise that FOMO is a real thing and for some they can’t help themselves.
But the rest: as long as we keep spending money, they will laugh at us- all the way to the ATM/bank.

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All I have bought for a while is the campaign once every 11 weeks, I’m starting to question even that small expenditure now…


I typically buy the campaign pass (sometimes VIP, sometimes basic), and generally try to find other ways to support the game. VIP 5.5.

Considering their broken RNG cost me an expected value of 3.5 perfect dungeon runs (= about 315 dragonite) but they are only sending me 80…I’m debating between quitting outright and just never spending money on their game again.

I had convinced myself that it was okay, because getting 1 in 4 perfect dungeon runs was so much better in the long term than 1 in 10, so not getting any perfect runs for more than a month was acceptable. Now I just got screwed by their RNG for a month and it’s not getting compensated. And I only found out about the pattern a couple of days ago, and hadn’t gotten a perfect run with it, either (yesterday was really close).


And another thing. Close to 30 days ago they made a post on these forums saying they were listening to our feedback, with respect to people having “unreasonably bad” luck with getting perfect dungeon runs and with respect to dupes. After that? Crickets.

But ooooohhhHHHHH, we found something that HELPS the player? Gotta nip that in the bud right away!

Yeah, screw this game.


It did help some players. For the rest, it was exactly the kind of unreasonable bad luck stated above.
Don’t even want to think about how many runs this glitch messed up for me, because I was going with an 1-2-3-4-5-6 pattern.

There was a loophole, that benefited a part of the playerbase and harmed the others. They fixed it.

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The issue is not that they fixed their “mistake”

The issue is:


I’ve already bought this campaign pass. Devs: you have 16 weeks to convince me I should buy the next one, or anything else you release.

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They’re getting $0.00 out of me after this one


Fortunately I haven’t bought the campaign pass yet, I usually buy it later in the weeks, now I have a reason to not buy it at all

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I stopped spending when the multiple identical tasks in the weekly tasks started to show up. I was buying the Elite Pass, but between the 'couldn’t finish the round because of their bug on multiple identical tasks, and their lame excuse for the inability to create tasks that are different, I just got fed up.

6 years+ invested in this game ; We should have seen this coming when end game solutions were wiped out with crappy new features.


I do not enjoy gambling. Having been burned by one game years ago, I decided never to spend any money on a game using gacha mechanics. Haven’t even been tempted since.

So, no. Haven’t and won’t sink money into GoW. I’m in a great guild, and FTP is still a perfectly viable option for those with a depressing overabundance of free time. :laughing:

Does the recent dungeon debacle affect how I feel?

It saddens, but does not surprise me.


Unfortunately the Dev don’t care for our enjoyment. So many ideas shared and many things we introduced that at least they should listen to it, but they chose to go against the player fan base and whatever they are asking and to have a game free of bugs. Simply sad and disappointing.

I wish a change in dev direction and their approach to start gaining the fan base back and make Gems of War the great game that we love.


You’re assuming that the devs want their players to be happy.

I seem to recall stumbling upon some research years ago that indicates that unhappy players spend considerably more than happy ones do… to a point. But that point can be quite far off the more addictive the game is.

It seems counterintuitive, but any casino operator could probably verify this easily exploitable aspect of human behaviour. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That’s what I also said recently to someone - losing seems to be an integral part of gambling addiction which is what they exploit.

The percentage of people that actually spend more because they’re unhappy must invest ridiculous amounts so it’s worth more than a happy base of (likely) more players that may give them some money.