Direct response requested to targeting of Gem/Cosmic Dragons or duplicate protection

The new Cosmic Dragons have been rebalanced, to make them more attractive – see Cosmic Dragon Rebalance.

It seems that player questions or comments on targeted crafting in related threads such as the above aren’t likely to draw a response, hence a separate thread.

If there’s been enough time to consider balance changes to the new Cosmic Dragons, there’s been enough time to work out whether or not crafting targeted Gem/Cosmic Dragons or some other kind of duplicate protection is a realistic option, either now or in the future.

Call me crazy, but I really don’t think there’s been a direct response to this since the following responses (Dec 2022 and Jan 2023) – and there have been several requests for updates or follow-ups in the meantime (happy to provide links).

@Kafka can you ask the powers that be to stop holding out on addressing this? My best guess is that there’s some kind of fear around backlash, and/or Dragonite spending – but continuing to hold out seems disrespectful, particularly for something that causes so much angst for so many players.

I think many would have preferred an update before the end of the year, which was the hopeful time frame mentioned for the original plans. That announcement itself, in response to player feedback, was already a long time coming for a lot of players.


Thank you @Jonathan for making a separate thread for this topic and for writing it so constructively! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a very good follow up of the duplicate crafting issue.

I wasn’t too keen on the cosmic dragons because they didn’t seem all that more powerful vs the original ones and I wasn’t in any rush to get them. The reason being was that I was one of those people who just managed to craft Diamantina a week ago.

I’ve already mentally accepted that these next 6 dragons will take years to craft because of the duplicate issue. I also didn’t think it was a priority to address because of the more pressing issues of the PvP lag (thank you for fixing this), general PvP challenges and the latest Pathfinder concerns.

However, with the news of the cosmic dragons getting a huge boost - this topic definitely popped into my mind right away. I was momentarily excited and then remembered that it could take years to get all the dragons. :frowning: Therefore I dismissed this again as something I would spend gems on.

While I love the new cosmic dragons, I am in no hurry to get them at the current stage of things. My priority for my gems are the Starry Pets (400 gems) and the Underspire (600-900 gems). If I add 300 gems a day for buying dragonite, which is then a total of 3,400 gems a week plus guild events which could bring the total close to 5000 gems a week is just not feasible. Especially not to have them wasted on duplicate dragons.

I sincerely hope that this issue will get addressed soon as well. :pray:


I just wanted to add my support in asking for an update to this. People have been asking for this for a very long time so I really feel like some response is merited.


as someone who has felt both sides of the RnG game i feel inclined to comment.

Gem Dragons: 33 eggs, Cosmic Dragons 7 eggs

as i have obviously been burned by the gem dragons, i would rather they make a targeting mechanic for newer players not to be discouraged, the game needs new life and players need to feel less like the fame is fixed against them. increase the dragonite by 50% and left players select the dragon the require.

can we also address the dragonite situation. perfect runs over a year on are rare, sometimes i get 3 consecutive then times i wait over 2 weeks. give us pity dragonite for a week of dungeons that have no perfect run each week…

as you can see i have no benefit in these changes, i am just thinking about new and existing players continuing to play.

@Kafka as OP asks can you rush an answer from the powers above please


I got both sets of dragons quickly [11 eggs for Gem, 7 eggs for Cosmic] and have four copies of Diamantina. Any changes won’t affect me, but it seriously needs a rework.

We really, really need a way to target specific dragons or cap it at 4 each at the bare minimum. Please.


I have 13 copies of various gem dragons and 2 dia, 16 copies of various cosmic dragons and Stella. So I’m also not affected. But please fix this. It’s really tough sharing teams and strategies when half your guild has access to all these powerful troops through pure luck, and the other half is still trying to get all six gem dragons. Yeah, there is some grinding involved in getting the dragonite, but let’s be honest, we were going to be grinding anyway. Putting a cap of 4 on each dragon vs. making it completely craftable by choice seems like a good middle ground.

I think of it as, what would happen if you made the hoard dragon or the underspire sentinels the most powerful troops in the game? It feels the same for people that have ridiculous numbers of 5 gem dragons but not the 6th.

@Kafka you guys will earn more over time by capping these at four - you’re gonna see a lot of folks who love this game and spend real money leaving in frustration if this isn’t fixed. We’ve got a few long time players in our guild ready to walk, and four left in 2023 - over this issue specifically.

Thanks for carrying this message back.


It’s also quite dispiriting seeing various YouTubers showing off endless Diamantina and Stellarix teams shortly after the dragons released because they were willing to spend either gem stashes or real money for the huge amount of dragonite required.

The rest of us non-whales are going to be slogging through accruing dragonite piecemeal – a clear run here, a dragonite gnome there – and gambling on the dragon eggs for months, if not years, before we get even a sniff of Stellarix.


as posted here → Journey Event Scoring and Pathfinder Troop Rebalance information - #68 by Kafka

Just quoted/linked this shared valuable information again.

Also valuable information regarding other “topics” that need “quick resolving”.


Bump – just looking for a confirmation that this can get raised with the top dogs.



Thank you :smiley:

Bumping this up for the new week – there was a decent amount of support for this request on both the top post and following comments.

Note the continued discussion over at Enough is Enough - Dragonite/Eggs – this continues to be an important topic for players.

While other threads discuss solutions or potential improvements, here I express that an update or follow-up communication, based on the nominal time frame originally given, is sorely needed.


Ok I want to add.
The uproar is because, we no that cosmic and gem dragons are very usable.
This game is a marathon, it should take years to get things, not five minutes.
There was no uproar over cursed runes, and the curse weapons cos there not usable.
Now iv only 4 cosmic dragons, already have a dupe.
So I’m not saying this cos I have everything.
I’m saying this cos of the low attention span, want everything straight away society we live in.
Just play the game, we will all get them eventually.
You can’t have everything yesterday, patience is a virtue.


Now would be a great time to let players target gem dragons, since Cosmic dragons are the new hotness.
Just make the craft cost 2x or 3x the dragonite.


you can also pick which cursed weapon you want to craft, instead of hoping you get the one you want and being able to get dupes. Even if the troops were bad, people would still be upset with the way they are implemented for no reason other than kingdom progression. The fact that they ARE good makes it hurt that much more. Nobody has any issue with how long it should take to get the dragons, the issue is that some people can get them in less than 10 pulls and others take more than 30. That much variance is ridiculous for a resource that takes this long to accumulate.


Yes some people get quick , some people it takes years.
Isn’t that just rng, luck of the draw, the lottery .
There’s not an end parameter, so it’s just how it is.
You’ll get them eventually mate.

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Textbook example: Hoard Mimic. It’s considered a “vanity troop” (aka. mostly useless) but in order to obtain one you need lucky rolls on all of: (1) a 10% chance of a Mimic battle after defeating an Explore Mythic Boss, (2) a 10% chance of that battle being a HOARD Mimic, and (3) a 10% chance of it dropping the actual card upon defeat. Cumulatively this overall probability is about 0.1% per Mythic boss – roughly the same as opening a Gem Chest, except Gem Chests don’t involve spending time on Explore runs.


10 cosmic eggs so far for me. 4x blue and 4x yellow included. :worried:

I would love an opportunity to craft specific Gem/Cosmic Dragons and/or increased availability of Dragonite. When I looked at the Gumbel distribution and saw there’s only a 2.5% probability of it taking 30 eggs I realized there’s likely no chance of them making those changes.

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Officially, all guilds of war events are postponed until I finally get the sixth dragon. And this will happen in about two months

22x additional copies so far

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Even Mario Wonder allows the player to pay 3x to guarantee a non-dupe Standee. Kirby Discovery guarantees a non-dupe figure after 3 or so dupes. So what’s so difficult to implement here?