Direct response requested to targeting of Gem/Cosmic Dragons or duplicate protection

Complete inflexibility/stubbornness on the internal topic/opinion of “RNG is FUN” … (that noone ever shared externally).


I’d love to see their salaries being based on the same type of “fun” RNG.

Pretty sure they’d change their tune quickly.


Or they’d invent new holidays.:wink:

But, yeah, the idea of the salary rng sounds like a extremely “fun” idea. :wink:

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This will be my final bump for a few months – have to assume that this has been seen. I imagine they want to make sure they have a plan, before addressing this (to avoid stating something that might not come to fruition, like what has happened so far), and that might not have been approved since this thread was posted… Here’s to hoping that the lack of action or update by the new year is acknowledged.

Happy gemming all, and may your VP be as bountiful as your level :stuck_out_tongue:


They sure were quick to rebalance the cosmic dragons to make them more appealing once everyone realized they were weaker, but god forbid they do something as simple as having unowned dragons having a higher chance of dropping.


Thanks for bumping it up again!

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Back to the top.


Hmm…with tinfoil mode on:

Targeting specific dragons was never on the table and they just made the post to get the players to shut, plus also make it remotely look like they cared;

or in over more than a year since original post was made nobody has looked at implementing said targeting specific dragons so there is genuinely no situation update to report;

or they did look at it and decided to not implement any targeting of specific dragons for whatever reason but they simply don’t come out and say it maybe because they’re too chicken to do it, or keeping players on false hope gives them plausible deniability despite the writing being on the wall for everybody to see when the new random set was rolled out with “we had so much fun” fanfare.


Maybe they just can’t keep up managing all the “statements” they’ve ever told.

Getting late here, I’m tired and am going to “lie” down now. :slight_smile:


Just stopping by to do my civic duty and bump this thread.

Even if the answer is something disappointing like

“We decided that targeted crafting was unnecessary given the many ways to gain dragonite that have been added to the game.”

(which would completely miss the point of the complaints), an answer would still be appreciated.


It’s a no win for them to respond though. They need incentives for people to buy things to get things they want faster. If there was a way to target, either they’re cutting into their revenue, or people would decry it as being too resource expensive, to try to force them to lower the cost, thus similar amounts of outcry, a new target to rage against. Doing anything forces them to pump out new content faster so that people always have something they’re chasing, and I doubt it’s cost effective for them. Don’t hold out for a prompt response. Maybe we’ll get more dragonite with pvp Alliances, though I hope that will also drop shinys.

These are end game troops. I really doubt I will get all the new dragons before quitting. I’ve only recently obtained the first 6 gem dragons, and don’t know if I’ll be playing another 2 years despite how much of an addict I am.

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Unfortunately I gave the RNG another chance, since we’re being ghosted on this topic. It’s 5x blue, 4x yellow, 1x green and 1x brown now. Still 0x red and 0x purple and weapons blocked as well, since it’s 2/3 of each side …