Dungeons , get real

i am sorry but this new dungeon thing is a complete wipe out, you devs made the perfect run so unrealistic plus the boss type troops (i dont even know why they are in the category in the first place) no immunity at all, and to get so little dragonite for a long waited perfect run is ridiculous. with the high cost of dragonite for a boss or egg or weapons it will take yrs to get everything. This game is supposed to be primary free to play. I must confess I’m a vip rank 20 player and even I will not spend 300 gems for 60 dragonite or 200 gems for curse runes. I see so many veterans of this game frustrated b/c devs are bringing in new gem grab or cash grab ideas to the game that they are ready to quit the game that they loved to play. Same with hoard mimic , i personally have done over 3k explores battle in explore 6-12 since the 6.0 update and not once got the hoard mimic and only had 10 times a 5x chest battle, So in reality you are making gow a boring game. You arre not trying to improve the game but you are trying to go from primary free to play to pay us more game.


Let’s be real here, the sole complaints seem to be:
1 - The mode itself being time-gated (nothing new here, move along)
2 - Dragonite rewards being exclusive to a Perfect Run

The lengthy grind to acquire the Gem Dragons themselves is nothing new or (necessarily) unreasonable. But yes the frustration with #2 hurts.

I rather like the idea that if you beat all 3 bosses you should always get a nonzero Dragonite reward. (Even +1 Dragonite is not zero.) Say, add a “trap multiplier” based on how the run went: If you sprung one trap (30% probability) then reduce the Dragonite to (say) 10% normal amount, if you sprung both traps (60% probability) then reduce it to 1% rounded up (aka. 1 Dragonite).

Of course, doing so would obviously increase the overall Dragonite payout over time (by about 4%), but it’s the compensation for “at least you tried” that counts.


I guess the assumption on their end is that a guaranteed income of dragonite wouldn’t demoralise people enough to get them to spend money to feel better.


the don’t look at these posts…or a least they don’t take these post seriously. All they care about is how much money they bring in a day, week, month year. If those numbers drop they will then make adjustments. Until then they will do nothing.


I have an idea on how to solve this problem:

  1. They should have the perfect run when you beat all the 3 Dungeon Bosses and have traps to make the battle harder than normal.
  2. They can also have a way to utilize some resources such 10 or 50 treasure maps to reveal two boxes (Dungeon box/Slot). This will increase the chances of getting the perfect run and get these Dragonite.

Worth to mention that out of the 9 or 10 days I have only managed to find two battles a row once. Then got wiped out with a trap.

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No, that is not a viable design because it could be achieved 100% of the time simply by opening all six doors before fighting any of the bosses – which ruins the whole point of even having doors to begin with.

This, however, could be interesting. Say, if you could spend a Treasure Map to automatically pick one of the boss doors for you. This would considerably increase the probability of getting a Perfect Run and expand what is otherwise a non-expiring event sigil.

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It has been a flop for me for sure. I still don’t have a perfect run. Demoralized is the perfect word. I’m not a true grinder per se, but my level is in the 1400s, so I’m not a new player. I still haven’t gotten 3 Nysha medals after all this time, my Forge is still 1 cursed rune into level 17 and now I have the fun of finding a trap on the first door about half the runs. I have supported the game financially, but I feel this is just an attempt to pull gems out of everyone. You can’t grind Dungeons all day for that perfect run. The past 3 days I have just turned the game off after Dungeons. It doesn’t entice me to spend gems. It entices me not to not even play


You are right about the first option. Any way, I like my second option as well and i think it gives you valid use for these treasure maps.

Hey all,

Since the changes to Dungeons have been released, the CX team have been gathering your feedback to pass on to the team!

For example more opportunities to earn Dragonite as a significant point, some suggestions for being awarded Dragonite for non-perfect runs, award scaling for how many doors you can open before a trap and something that could trigger a perfect run if you have had an extensive bad run of Dungeon attempts.

I just wanted to jump into this thread (I’ll try to cross-share where relevant) to let you know we are listening to the feedback being shared!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Woohoo! Thanks so much!

There is nothing to be thankful yet. They are very vague with their statements in all cases.
It could either mean, we gonna get an improvement or nothing at all.


Hopefully it will include the “no duplicate dragons from the first 6 Gem Dragon Eggs” part, which is another demoralizing issue designed into your pipeline.
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Thanks. Waiting for these improvements. Thanks again. @Jeto

So much this! I can’t wait to pull the first duplicate dragon…

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+1000 to this

Many people will be upset when they get duplicates of troops that are already tied to such a rare resource.


Change better come fast, I will in a week time have my 2nd egg, and can’t help but fear a duplicate dragon. lol :joy:


Thank you so much for passing on the Dragonite feedback! Also passing on no duplicate dragons would really go a long way as well. Thanks again!


Its as stupid as the rng adventure board, which they changed. Remember when only a few people were getting war coins?

The problem is the devs understand their players and know it doesn’t matter how often they screw you over, you will still say thank you may I please have another.

First I clicked on the top left – STAIRS! Sweet… I descended to level 3. Then I clicked on the top middle. Sweet, an enemy! Then I clicked on the bottom middle, another enemy! At this point I had three tiles left – bottom left, bottom right, and top right. A 1/3 chance to get the last enemy. I clicked bottom left. Death trap. Oh. FFS. Well, that perfect run is ruined. Clicked on the bottom right. Web trap. … Seriously. Opened the last one, top right.

They took dungeons and made them somehow even worse.