Reward "bad luck"

Not a single “perfect” run yet. Bought every day just for one egg and trophy. Zero gems since. If it’s 10% chance, why is the PS Trophy count 0.4%?

Because you need to play the game in order to get the trophy, not just have it gathering dust in your library due to being curious about it a few years ago.


Because “numbers do not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth”.

For example, I recently kicked a player from my guild for being inactive. I kinda didn’t want to due to my guild’s low player count, but the inactive icon wasn’t lying, they hadn’t played in 3 weeks which probably meant they’re just not coming back.


We don’t know that it’s 10% chance. Devs never said that, it’s just an assumption made by the community.
It certainly doesn’t look like 10% to me at the moment, but that might change as we get more data.

I also hate this new Dungeon system. It wasn’t until this morning did I get my second perfect run (while many members on our guild had 3+ perfect runs already). The system does not reward players who put a lot of hours in this game. You can have a causal player who only logs in daily to attempt the Dungeon and get a perfect run, while hardcore players get nothing in weeks (due to bad luck). This is unacceptable.

There has to be a system to “guarantee” a perfect run after a certain days of failure (ie. 8 days or so). I had over 2 weeks without a perfect run until this morning. It’s very discouraging to log in everyday to attempt the Dungeon only to be disappointed with “ZERO” dragonite for weeks.

Please implement a system to have a guarantee perfect run after a set number of failed attempts.

Thank you.


@chinesefollower, devs are thinking about making changes, some post on it:

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It’s not just an assumption, it’s a mathematical analysis based on the possible arrangements of doors, with the one assumption being the exact method of RNG used to assign the doors (i.e. that all permutations have an equal chance of being the case).

The calculation

If you remove the Boon room entirely, that leaves 3 bosses and 2 traps in any order, which is 120 permutations with 12 of them being perfect runs (i.e. B1->B2->B3->T1T2, B2->B1->B3->T2T1, etc.), or 12 combinations with 1 perfect run (B->B->B->TT). Thus, the calcluation yields precisely 10%.

However, the presence of the double-stairs bug is mystifying because it implies the doors could be rolled individually upon click (e.g. random[1,n] where n is the number of remaining doors, then tested against x,y,z representing the # of remaining bosses/traps/boon) or, alternatively, there is just some bug in how the doors are assigned/shuffled.

Unfortunately for us, only the devs have access to global (serverside) stats of perfect run rates and whether that looks normal compared to the calculated value.

This is corrective RNG being proposed potentially. Which means it isn’t currently used in game so wasting time trying pattern recognition is self delusional. It’s a 6 window lottery for now at least unless ‘pity dragonite’ is really a viable consideration.

That’s what I’m thinking might be happening. And if that’s the case, just the thought of trying to figure out the odds gives me a headache :sweat_smile:

At 2/58 now.

Doing it over two accounts makes it double frustrating. One account made it to level 9 tonight (that’s where the 2 perfect runs were), the other is stuck on level 2. If I had just the unlucky account, I’d be crushed by now.

It’s exactly the same odds. Speaking probabilities, you are blindly taking six out of six items from a bag, one after the other, and placing each behind an individual door. It doesn’t matter whether you do that right at the start for all six doors or for each door as it gets opened.

But it depends on the implementation, does it not? Example, when opening the first door, maybe there’s a 1 in 3 chance to get each outcome. Then on second door, either 1 in 2 if first door was boon, or 1 in 3 if first door was battle or trap. Or something like that? Without knowing how they implemented the dungeons, there’s no way to know.

2/62 for perfect runs.

1 out of 7 times the 1st door I opened had a battle. Not reading too much into that, probably just the result of a small data set.

3 perfect runs out of 70.


As someone who has 0 perfect runs so far, thought I would spread the word: Everyone in this thread may be interested to know that the outcome of each door is not truly random. For example, (assuming you haven’t opened anything yet), doors 4 and 5 are half as likely to contain a trap as doors 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Not sure what the forum’s rules are on sharing links, but check out Sinnycool’s channel and I’m sure you’ll find the vid.

You should read this thread

Specially the last week
We are already 2 steps further and workin on step 3-6 currently

This is where Sinny got the tool from


6/76 before the changes.

Resetting the count today, at 1/2 currently. :crossed_fingers: the luck is more consistent now.

1/10 perfect runs after the changes

6/10 attempts had a trap behind the first door I tried :neutral_face:

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2 out of 2 perfect runs starting yesterday (same 3 rooms). My first dupe dragon. No complaints

3/20 perfect runs after the changes.

Better luck now it seems :crossed_fingers:

9/20 trap on first door opened.

As an aside…

You’ve posted more than 37% of the replies here, is there anyone else you would like to hear from?

No, forum, I’m just talking to myself here :joy_cat:


2/84 - clearly not fun


7/30 perfects since the changed algorithm

Much better than expected really :slight_smile: